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life is good | bismarck, nd photographer

A couple weekends ago, I took the kids to Starbuck’s.  Josey was gone at a fishing tournament, so it was just us for the day and we had a couple of errands to run, but first I thought it would be fun to treat ourselves.  And anytime my kids get to go to Starbuck’s, they are just thrilled.  (That’s some marketing if not only adults can’t stay away from that place, but kids love it, too.)  After spending some time inside eating and drinking, we headed out the door, and onView full post »

happy easter! | bismarck, nd family photographer

Well, it is becoming a tradition for me to blog photos from our egg dying every year.  I always love looking back on photos of the kids doing something annually.  It is just fun to see how much has changed in only a year.  This was Cohen’s first year dying eggs, so to say the process has changed this year is an understatment!  They both took it very seriously, and were sad when all the eggs were colored. So to begin, here are the photos from 2009, 2010, and 2011… I hopeView full post »

peeee doh | bismarck, nd photographer

Today, I was downloading some images from a recent session, and I started to feel bad looking through all of my cards because they were full of images of my kids from the last two months.  Just sitting there, not really forgotten, but definitely neglected.  I had to document these on my blog, though, because they show the result of what is a big milestone for every little boy…the first busted open head wound!  You know, I am actually surprised it has taken this long.  Cohen is nothingView full post »

valentine time! | bismarck, nd child photographer

I always have fun thinking up ideas for Valentine cards for the kids.  This year, I saw so many cute ideas online, but I had the idea for Cohen’s in my head for awhile.  I decided to use thus image I got of him a couple weeks ago because I figured it went well with the common, cheesy Valentine line. These are Oreo dipper things with scrapbooking paper wrapped around them. Of course, Rory Jean wanted nothing to do with my ideas.  So, we ended up going to Target and I just let her pick outView full post »

north dakota photographer

cohen at 18 months | bismarck natural light photographer

Finally, some new photos of the sweetest little man ever.  This kid, I have to admit, has me wrapped around his cute little finger.  I don’t know what it is.  I mean, I remember thinking Rory was the most adorable baby, too, but I cannot get over him.  Maybe it is a thing baby boys have on their mamas?  In any event, he is extremely lucky I feel this way because his cuteness cancels out his naughtiness.  Oh man can he throw a tantrum!  And test my patience to the last thread, especiallyView full post »

life changes

Just a few snapshots of what’s going on in the life of this one year old! A new big boy carseat.  I’d like to report that he loves it, but alas, not much has changed.  He still hates being strapped in 99% of the time.  I’m not sure what I did to deserve the 20 minutes of quiet time when he passed out back there the first time he rode in it.  And I’m not convinced it will ever happen again. And today, his first hair cut!  It was long over due, but I refused to get itView full post »

our little monster

He’s pretty much been called Cohen Monster by the whole family since he came home with us, so a monster party was only fitting.  The poor guy is dealing with a cold, and a nose that has been running like a faucet, so he was a little out of it for part of the day, especially after not much of a morning nap, but I think he had a great birthday.  It was so nice to have all of our family and friends there, so thank you all for helping us celebrate!  I was worried it was going to be unbearablyView full post »

happy 1st birthday, cohen thomas!

You’re sweet, snuggly, funny, mischevious, smart, busy, and best of all…mine.  Here’s to one of the fastest years of my life.  I feel like there is no way it was already a year ago that I met you, and even though you’ve grown and changed so much, when I’m rocking you to sleep and I look at you, to me, you are the same tiny baby we brought home.  I love you! View full post »

11 months old {better late than never!}

Oh boy.  I am so behind on my blogging.  These photos were actually taken on Father’s Day, so right around the time Cohen turned 11 months.  In the last month he has reached two huge milestone.  Four teeth have FINALLY made their way through.  I never thought this would happen, I really didn’t.  The poor guy has been struggling with those teeth for so long.  For over three months, his gums have been white, puffy, and swollen.  Practically every day, one of us has said, “AnyView full post »