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Why Everyday Art Photography?


My business and my clients are so important to me. I have put everything I have into creating a business that reflects my priorities, beliefs and standards so that the experience my clients have when working with me is nothing short of amazing. This is a list of the things that, I feel, make Everyday Art Photography what it is and what you can expect when you give me the opportunity to capture your family.

I don’t do high volume work.

Every client booked receives a customized experience, resulting in a session that exceeds their expectations. By taking on a limited number of sessions, I can ensure that I’m available to provide the time it takes to create that custom experience. Getting to know the personalities of your children so that I can capture who they really are, learning about your own personal style and what you’d like to see reflected in the style of your session, helping you with what to wear, figuring out how to best utilize your images so that you can enjoy them for a lifetime…those are my goals for each session, and in my mind, they are the key to you being thrilled with your experience in working with me.

My sessions are relaxed and natural.

I have been working with children and families as a professional photographer for ten years now; I know how to connect with children (and dads!) in order to get natural looking images that show who your family really is. Most parents are worried that their child is not going to cooperate. Please don’t worry about that! Every child has a different personality and through our communication prior to the session, and my ability to read your child when you arrive, I can promise that by the end of the session, I will be walking away confident that I got the images that we were all hoping for. And in the rare event that I don’t…well, I don’t remember the last time that happened, but if it does, I will make it right!

I can help you with what to wear.

As part of the custom experience that you will have in working with me, every session includes a complimentary phone consultation to discuss the vision you have for your session. A huge part of that is what you wear! I love helping my clients pull together outfit ideas for the entire family and am happy to do the same for you. After our consultation, I’ll provide you with a Session Style Guide that will make what to wear, one of the most difficult aspects of planning a session, super simple for you!

I have years of experience with newborns.

Posed newborn photography has become increasingly popular in recent years. What most people don’t realize is that newborn photography requires much more than a sweet baby and cute props. Keeping a newborn baby relaxed and looking natural is not an easy task, in fact it can be very difficult for a photographer without experience. (And also stressful for the parents.) More importantly, your newborn’s safety is my number one priority during a session. Newborns are fragile and have developing spines, necks and heads. It is so important to me that I am trained and experienced in posing so that the safety of your newborn in never at risk.

I can help you with what to do with your images.

I would bet 85% of the client inquires I receive ask me if I sell the “disk of photos.” Everyone seems to want to walk away from a session with a cd of photos. I understand the desire to have your images in a digital format so that you have them forever, and I definitely do sell digital files. But my wish for my clients is that they walk away from a session with so much more. By the time you get to the point of ordering images, you’ve already invested time and money into this session, and now that together we’ve created these amazing images of your family, don’t you want to enjoy them? What we have just created is personalized artwork, it should become a part of your home; it should be shared! Those images tell a story about your family at this time of your life, of course you want to keep them all forever. Why not do that in an album that you can look at over and over any time you’d like?

After talking with many of my clients, they have admitted to me that a large part of the reason they think they want to buy digital files is because, at the time, it just seems too overwhelming to figure out what to order. What size prints and how to hang them just seems too complicated to figure out, so why not just buy them all now and print them later when they figure it out. (But do they ever actually get printed?) Or they have so many family members that want a 5×7, it seems to make more sense to print those themselves at a lower cost. I understand all of those thoughts and needs, and I am here to help! I’ve created portrait collections that combine digital and physical products so that you can get the best of both worlds. In addition, when you receive your gallery, I can provide an ordering consultation (via email, phone or in-person, whatever works for you) in order to help you get everything you want from your session in the most economical way. And I guarantee you’ll feel so much better about what you’ve spent your money on when you are enjoying it daily than you would a disk that is lost in a drawer somewhere.

Quality means everything to me.

I have spent countless hours searching for the most beautiful, unique and custom products for my clients. I have a high standard for quality, and I will not offer anything to you that does not exceed my standards. In addition, everything I offer is completely customized and designed by me so that you receive exactly what you are hoping for. When you receive your final order, it will be perfectly made and beautifully packaged.

I value my clients.

I have a hard time expressing in words what each and every family I photograph really means to me.  I put so much into each session, after all the prints and products are delivered, I walk away feeling like each family are my new friends.  I can’t wait until the next time I see your children to see how much they’ve changed and grown.  I’m invested in your life!  The time I spend interacting with you and your children while I photograph you is my happy place, in fact it’s one of the very few ways I choose to spend time away from my own family.

When a client experiences a session with me and then recommends me to their friends and family, I consider that to be the highest form of compliment I can receive.  It’s because of my clients and their words of praise that my business has become what it is today.  In an effort to show my clients my gratitude in some small way, I have created a referral program for those who so graciously recommend me to others.  For every session I book from your referral, you will receive a $150 credit toward your next session.  Those referral credits are unlimited so, refer one person…your session fee is paid for; refer five people…that’s a session fee plus $600 toward your print order.  You do the math, simply spreading the word about your experience in working with me is an incredible benefit to you.

Am I the right fit for you?

If you are looking for a personal photography experience, I encourage you to continue to browse my site; get a feel for who I am, my work, and my style.  I understand the commitment and investment a custom photography session is, so I’ve put a great amount of effort into making my website a resource that will help you decide if working with me is the right fit for you.

Please contact me today to discuss any questions you have and to schedule your session!

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