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You hear that?

I'm talking about my sigh of relief.  Today was much better.  Rory's still not 100%, but this afternoon and evening were pure bliss, especially compared to this last week.  In fact, it's almost 11:30, I'm not sure if I'm tired enough to go to bed, and I'm missing my baby (and my husband).  I was just lying on the couch thinking about when she was a newborn, there were nights when I would actually love it when she'd wake up for a night feeding because that meant that I got to hold her, cuddle her, and kiss her little cheeks as much as I wanted.  I could go for one of those right about now.  {Warning:  When thinking about moments like these, never go back and look at two year old photos when your baby weighed less than 6 pounds and fit into the sleeper her baby doll is wearing today.}

Rory and I went on a little shopping trip today, and after supper and bath we played tirelessly until bedtime.  She was hopping around on all fours like a frog saying, "Ribbit!  Ribbit!" while I laughed and she finally said, "Ribbit, mom?"  So I played Ribbit for awhile, too.  What a great test to see if the money paid on my knee surgery was worth it!  We drew a school bus full of Marshall-Lanes*, a castle with a boodiful pincess, a cary dragon, and a hamsom prince.  (Translated:  beautiful princess, scary dragon, and handsom prince)  We played a little Rock Band, thank you Uncle Zachie for that.  Can I just say how little hand/foot coordination I have?  Rory loves pounding on those drums, though so it's fun for about two minutes for her.  And lastly we rock-a-byed and sang songs before I kissed my babe good night.

*  You know how the media makes up combined names of celebrity couples?  Brangelina, TomKat, etc.  Well, Rory does this, too.  Grandma Jerry, Uncle Nikki, and Marshall-Lane.  It doesn't matter which boy she is looking at, she will call both Marshall and Lane Marshall-Lane.  All one word.  I've corrected her I don't know how many times, and believe me Lane has corrected her more than me, but she still doesn't quite get it.  Anyway, now that school is back in session we get to watch Marshall-Lane get on the bus as we walk into daycare.  So tonight, we drew a bus filled with lots of Marshall-Lanes.  Makes perfect sense; doesn't it?

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