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Quote for the day

Last night, Rory was sitting on my lap when she noticed I had a dollar bill sticking out of my pocket.  She grabbed it, and was excited to check it out.  She unfolded the bill, opening it to see George Washington's face when, looking confused she said, "Jesus?"

Wouldn't that be the day when Jesus's face appeared on the one dollar bill? :o)

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  • Rachelle - Wouldn’t that be a great day if it ever happened! Probably never will and thats to bad. Need to backtrack here on the comments. Haven’t left any for awhile. The wedding flowers were beautiful as always! And the scrapbook is really neat. So can you print those out afterwards? Or just keep them on the computer. They look really fun to do. And a lot less mess then the way I do it. That would be great! Have a nice day!

  • Grandma Jodi - The wonder of the words of two-year-olds! You’re smart to write them down. We forget easily. I remember only a few that you and your brothers said. I need to be writing down those words of Gracie’s. The other day she stood in front of Mike with a broom in her hands up-side down and said, ” Alright, Alright! This is the deal.” Where in the world?
    hugs and kisses to all of you, talk to you soon
    Mom xoxoxo

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