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how we spent the week

Here.  Again.  What a long and miserable week.  Cohen and Rory both got sick right before New Year’s, and I was worried about Cohen’s cough so I took him in.  I was told it was just a virus, and we’d have to wait it out, but over the weekend he took a turn for a worse and really worried us a couple of times.  Monday morning, I actually debated taking him in because he seemed to be doing so much better than the day before, but decided to take him anyway.  From the doctor’s office, we were sent to the hospital when his oxygen level was down to 82.  It was later confirmed that he had RSV.  The first night in the hospital, I didn’t sleep at all.  I laid there staring at his monitor, watching it go up and down for hours, as I prayed and prayed that he’d get over this quickly and we’d be out of there soon.  Turns out, God was testing my patience because we spent the next three nights and four days in the hospital; ironically, in the same exact room Rory had been in just over a year ago.  When we arrived, we were greeted by the same nurses, too.  I told them, “No offense, but I was hoping I’d never see you two again.”


We’ve been home since Thursday afternoon, and I feel like I am finally catching up on my rest, but I have two cards full of photos that I’ve taken since Christmas waiting to be downloaded, Christmas decorations needing to be taken down and put away, a mess of a house, an inbox full of emails waiting to be answered…I could go on, but all I care about right now is getting a decent meal on the table for my family and spending time with them.  I HATE when we can’t all be together, and those three nights were awful in that respect.  Not being able to tuck Rory into bed at night.  Not getting to sleep in the bed next to my husband.

Ever since Cohen was born, I have complained more than once about how I hate the rush of getting everyone out the door in the morning; I hate the stress of coming home, making supper, trying to keep the kids happy, bath, bedtime, get everything ready for the next day, etc.  It is stressful and exhausting, and some days I feel like I don’t want to do it anymore.  But this week I learned a lesson.  That is our normal.  I have nothing to complain about.  Life could be so much more stressful and much worse.  From now on, I will appreciate the chaos that goes into each and every day, and find the positive in it.  As long as my kids are healthy, and my husband is beside me, life is good.

I cannot thank our family and friends enough for all the thoughts and prayers this week.  It really means so much to know that you have people out there thinking about you and wishing you the best.  So thank you so, so much.

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  • Jessica W - So glad everyone is home and doing better. I am going to try and embrace your outlook on loving the chaos too!

  • Mom - Priorities are the most difficult lesson you will learn in life when you have become a MOM. How and when you learn that is the difficulty. I love you hon, and am soooooo proud of you. I am so happy everything is better. God bless you all!!!!!!!

  • jennifer - This made me cry. I am glad he is doing better and I hope the chaos lightens up.

  • Kateri Meier - Ditto, Jennifer. I almost cried too. I am so happy he is feeling better.

  • Katie - So happy to hear little Cohen doing better and he is home!! =)

  • Josey - Cohen Monster was good boy in the hospital and that made things a little better. We were always getting complimented on how well he handled all the breathing treatments. I did complain a lot and I probably shouldn’t have. I am glad to be home with my family safe and in one spot. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers everyone.

  • sarah - Oh Megan. I’m so sorry. I had no idea. I’m SO glad Cohen’s home and doing better. And even more, that you’re all home together again. 🙂

  • Amanda - I’m glad that I’m not the only one that feels so rushed. I’m so glad that Cohen is home and doing better.

  • Cori - I am so glad he’s doing better!

  • Jen Best - So glad he is home and doing better and sorry you had to spend the new year like this, it’s funny how God can get our attention and put everything in perspective.

  • Cama Cathrae - So sorry to just be reading this. We also had a family member who went RSV and it is scary! I am so happy to hear you are all home and healthy!

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