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We’re in SO much trouble…

I have no idea what she is going to be like at 15!

Yesterday, it was just Rory and I because daddy was fishing.  I asked Rory to pick up her toys a little bit, to which she very seriously responded by stomping toward me, finger pointed, and said, "MOM!  IT'S NOT FAIR AND JUST!"

Oh my gosh…I just about died!  I think she came up with that from something she heard on one of her favorite movies, Charlotte's Web.

Another funny story…since she received the movie Cinderella for Christmas, we have watched it at least a million times.  Her favorite part is when Fairy Godmother comes and makes Cinderella the pumpkin carriage and beautiful dress.  I asked her one day, "Did you know that Jenny is your Godmother?"  She thought about it for a couple seconds, and then made a funny face and said, "Jenny's not magic!"

Yesterday, we spent the better part of the morning getting all our Christmas stuff down and packed away.  She was so sad!  She kept asking, "Can I keep this one out?" every time we'd put another ornament in the box, and she had to give all of her ornaments hugs and kisses before they went in.  Then, when she woke up from her nap she thought we were going to put it all back up!

I know there are other stories I'm missing.  I have been horrible about blogging this stuff lately, and it seems everyday something comes out of her mouth that just has to be written down and never forgotten.  Funny girl.

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  • sarah - She’s a sassy one! Does she seriously sit still for two hours watching movies like Charlotte’s Web and Cinderella??? I’d PAY for Avery to sit still like that!

  • Carole - I have another to add~ the other day when they were eating lunch, Rory asked for more pears~so I had cut some more up for her. Well, the next time she asked for more I told her I had only had 3 pears and I have to go buy some more! ;o) When I asked her where I should go shopping, I was for sure expecting Target, but she told me Dan’s. I gave her a hard time and said I wanted to buy them at Target and she was sure that I couldn’t buy those kind there I had to go to Dan’s. What 2 year old knows where to buy fresh fruit?? ;o) HA!! I have said before Rory Jean sure knows her shopping and doctor stuff!! ;o) Love her!! ;o)

  • Mom - Shopping, is not something her mama wanted to do when she was young. Remember J.C. Penny Megan? Don’t worry so much about 15, it’s age 12. Love you!

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