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Tuckered out

That's what we are.  As I mentioned in my last post, Rory and I planned to head to Montana this weekend.  Well, Friday morning, Rory woke up having a hard time breathing again.  We just went through this whole thing a couple of weeks ago.  She told me, "mommy, I can't breathe," and "I sick.  Go doctor.  Feel better."  Yeah, when your two year old tells you she wants to go to the doctor again so she'll feel better, you know it's not good.  So, I got her in first thing to see the doc.  Two colds in less than a month, both resulting in her not being able to breathe; this leads the doctor to think that Rory has asthma.  Josey and I were not totally surprised to hear this, since he has pretty much the same problem, but it is still scary to think that anything can be wrong with your baby.  And after seeing our nephew go through some rough episodes with his asthma, and having a coworker whose niece died of an asthma attack at age 13, I'm worried.  We plan to get her in to see Josey's allergy and asthma specialist as soon as possible, and I guess I'm just thankful that if she does have it that we'll know what's wrong next time and we'll know what to do.

Cold and breathing problems aside, we still went to Montana, and it didn't keep Rory from having a ton of fun.  And today when we got home, I could tell that all the fun had gotten the best of her.  She is tired.  After lots of whining and crying for mommy, she went to bed early, and I hope that she's off to a better start in the morning.

I have thousands (yes, thousands) of photos to sort through, and not much time to do it in the next week, but here are just a couple of Rory having a little fun on the playground.  Have I ever mentioned how much she loves slides?  The girl could have spent then entire day going up and down this thing.




I have no idea what she is doing here, but it makes for a cute photo.  I love her little belly button.  You can't tell here, but when she was a baby, she had an umbilical hernia that caused her to now have an outie belly button.


Tomorrow, I'm going out of town for a night for work, but when I get back I'll have some photos to share from a fun session I did when I was home.  I didn't even open those tonight because I knew if I saw them I'd be up all night playing!

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