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Too hot

Like I said before, I am so sick of this heat.  It’s supposed to be over 90 degrees all week long.  Some of you, who have it much worse than that, may be laughing at the thought of 90 being hot.  Well, it is for me.  Anyway, the point of my story is that it was too hot to go out for a photo shoot, but Rory was begging to go outside, so we sat in the shade and ate popsicles.  Rory said hers was “licious.”

Poor girl turns beet red just like her mother when she gets hot.  Apparently, eating popsicles is serious business because this was the look on her face in every shot I took.



Funny story about this little dress she is wearing.  I packed it with when we went on our trip, and the minute she saw it in the suitcase she wanted to wear it.  After a couple of fights about it, we were able to hide it from her, but she still asked all weekend to wear the darn dress.  Last night, as I was unpacking, she spotted it again, and I finally let her wear it to bed last night.  This morning we were in such a rush to get out the door that I left her in it, and she was beside herself that she got to wear it for the day.  As her popsicle melted, she got some on her dress, which then caused another fit that it was “all messy!”  Geez, who knew a girl could love a dress so much?  I am guessing this may just be the beginning of the I wanna dress myself stage!

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  • Angie - Okay I had to laugh at the “hot weather” comment. We were a cool 104 degrees today with out of control humidity. Thank you hurricane Dolly. No rain though, which makes it worse. Best of luck with the dressing stage. Who would have thought a boy would be concerned about what he wears. Of course mine has to be. It is a daily struggle with him always asking “Mom, do I look like a dork?” Honestly where does he get it. At least she lets you dress her up cute.

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