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I got a new lens this week, and Cohen was very willing to let me test it out on him as long as I took a photo of him with the Sponge Bob toy he stole borrowed from his cousin Emma.  No problem, buddy.  I didn’t want Sponge Bob to steal his thunder, so he got cropped out.  I think this face deserves all the attention it can get…and with expressions like that, it gets a lot of attention; some good, some bad!

Cohen has been full of funny comments lately.  Some days I think it was better when we couldn’t always understand him.  Who knew he was such a smart alec?

Last weekend, I asked him if he wanted to go to the parade.  He said, “Ummmm?  No.  I wanna go to Disney World.”  HA!  Yeah, because that was totally an option for our weekend plans.

Like most little brothers do, Cohen loves to irritate his sister.  Breakfast time seems to be the worst.  It is just not possible for him to keep his hands to himself.  One morning this week, after moving several times and asking him to stop a hundred times, Rory was more than irritated with him when he said, “Rory.  Why you so crabby?!  Have a GOOD ATTITUDE!”  Rory’s response:  “Really, Cohen?”

Suddenly he is the fashion police.  He has refused to wear what I picked out for him the last three mornings because “it doesn’t match!”  And then he even had the nerve to tell me as I was getting dressed that my clothes didn’t match.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here on the blog, but a little over a month ago, we moved into an apartment.  We are building a new home, and will be here in the mean time.  Cohen never had much to say about the whole thing, in fact, I wasn’t even sure he knew what we were really doing until this week when he saw the image of what our new house will look like on our plans in the kitchen.  When he saw it, he was super excited and said, “Is this our NEW HOUSE?!  It’s gonna be PERFECT!”  And he then decided that set of house plans were his and he’d drag them all over the apartment for the rest of the weekend.   

Oh, this kid.  He can be so naughty, but he can also be so sweet.  I can’t ever be mad at him long…and he knows it.

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