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the zoo

Beware!  This post contains photos that are far from wonderful and technically correct, but they are of three little people I love, so that makes them perfect to me.  This past weekend was amazing.  The weather was finally all I could have hoped for in May, and we spent a ton of time outside.  Saturday morning, we joined KaCee and Emma at the zoo.  It was great to get out and spend some time with them.  The last time I was at the zoo, I was hugely pregnant, and even then taking photos was a much easier task, considering I only had one child to worry about.  (Side note:  I dare you to click that link and see how little my almost four year old looks in those photos!)  Now, it’s a whole other story!  I will probably need to hire an assistant to help me keep track of Rory, keep Cohen’s nose wiped, pick up the tipped over stroller and the water bottle that is leaking all over the place…yeah, wrangling the camera with two kids in tow is not so easy at a place like the zoo.  LOL!

Aren’t these two of the happiest and sweetest babies you’ve ever seen?

Trust me, she was not trying to give him a hug.  She loves to climb on him (or anything for that matter), and he’s just like, “whatever!”

Oh yeah, she was there, too!  I got all of five pictures of her, none of which were in focus.  She was much to busy to be bothered by her mother and her camera. 

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  • Jessica W - OMG, R looks so freaking big in that photo. I gasped when I came to it! ADORABLE! And, that shirt on C is so familiar…good taste!

  • Paula S. - Um…I wish my pictures were even half as good as your “photos that are far from wonderful and technically correct”. When are you quitting your day job to do photography fulltime?!?!?!

  • Jules - she looks fab in that darling green dress! looks like a fun outing!

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