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ten on tuesday

1.  I didn’t know for sure if we got a day off for the July 4th holiday since it is on Saturday this year.  I checked today, and we do get Friday off!  Do you have any idea how excited that makes me?

2.  This past weekend, I remembered I had purchased a pair of preschool scissors awhile back, so I dug them and the crayons and markers out.  For some reason, it seemed Rory had lost interest in coloring for quite some time, but the scissors changed that.  She spent a lot of the day cutting paper into little tiny pieces, which were really fun picking up off the rug, trust me!  I have been meaning to take a picture of her drawing her name, too.  She has a little trouble with the Y, and she did pretty well with this one, so I grabbed a shot of it! 


3.  I’ve been meaning to share this recipe.  I first spotted it in a magazine my step mom had when we were home for Memorial weekend, and I’ve made them twice already (and I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture).  So yummy!  I think they would be good with any fruit, really, especially peaches.  Nut-Topped Stawberry Rhubarb Muffins.

4.  It is really fun playing with all the baby stuff!  Rory helped me fold an entire basket of teeny tiny newborn clothes the other day.  She gasped, covered her mouth, and said, “OH!  This is SO cute!” at nearly every item she picked up.  You would also be surprised to know just how many times you can fold a baby sock in half!

Sitting in the carseat is especially fun.  (I think she looks so much like her dad in this picture!)


5.  So, when Jason changed his mind, I swore I would never watch the Bachelor again.  And technicallyI haven’t, since this season is the Bachelorette!  Ugh, I just get sucked in by these shows!  I’m cheering for Kiptyn this time around just because I think he’s the cutest!  And Wes?  Ish.  I don’t like that guy one bit.

6.  I bought this dress awhile back with every intention of photographing her in  it against my gray seamless paper.  I can’t wait to edit the rest!


7.  I’m pretty sick of wind.  But that is nothing new.

8.  The new Ice Age movie is coming out this weekend, and Rory and I really want to see it!  I love taking Rory to the movies.  She thinks it is the best thing ever to get her own little popcorn and “pop” and I can’t help but laugh at the sight of her little feet sticking up in the air as her 35 pound self tries to hold down the theater seat.

9.  This video is too cute!  If you can believe it, that is really a four year old boy singing and jamming out on his fly swatter guitar.

10.  After the long winter we had, it is nearly killing me to not be able to get out and do photo shoots in all the green grass and trees and nice weather!  And I always feel like as soon as the 4th of July comes, summer is practically over.  Time just goes by way too quickly!  But fall will be here before we know it, and I’m looking forward to all that has to bring, especially since we will be spending it with our little man.

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  • Jessica W - I love all the recent posting and photos! E LOVES to cut things into miniscule pieces too. However, she put a slice in my dining room curtains shortly after getting new scissors, so they are put up for now. And she always does the ‘SO CUTE!’ in a high squeaky voice! Have a great holiday weekend!

  • Cama Cathrae - Your photography is always beautiful and I can’t wait to try the recipe!

  • sarah - the pictures are, as always, breathtaking! and i have to agree with you on kiptyn–from the start, i said it’d be jesse and kiptyn in the end… i’m still half right so far! hope you’re doing well–can’t wait to hear about the new arrival!

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