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ten on tuesday

I thought this would be the best way for me to catch up on all the events since I haven’t been blogging much. I’ll see if I can make ten, and my goal is to get this posted before Tuesday is over, but we shall see!

1. Two Sundays ago, so 04.26, it was seriously the nicest day we’ve had forever. Josey and I had big plans to get some stuff done out in the yard. We got started, worked for a little bit, and then I sat down. Once I get going, I should never sit down. We decided it was way too nice to be working, so we rushed in the house, packed up some sandwiches for supper, and then headed to the river to let Rory do some fishing. Does anyone remember the last time we did that?

Same shot. Same girl. One year later.


Rory had a fun time fishing until she realized that mama had brought Cheetos along. Then the pole was forgotten. Actually, I think the same was true for my husband, too! {Just kidding, babe!} I wanted so badly for Josey to catch a fish, though, just so I could see the look on Rory’s face. Maybe next time?

2. I had mentioned before that I was going to participate in an online photography workshop. I spent the month of April doing that, and I can’t tell you how great it was. I learned so much from two photographers who have truly been an inspiration to me for years, met so many other wonderful girls who were some of the sweetest and smartest bunch of ladies I’ve been in company with, thought a lot about the direction my business has taken me and where I want it to go, and I actually gained a lot of confidence in myself and my abilities as a photographer. So for that, I can definitely tell you that the Bloom Workshops are amazing! I wish I had time to do the next one.

Here’s a couple of shots taken for some of my assignments for the workshop.



3. Baby Brother never stops moving. He is just like his sister in that way. As of today, I am officially 29 weeks. I can’t believe how quickly it is passing. We are still on the topic of names at our house, and haven’t agreed on anything yet.

I hate to say it, but I have been feeling great so far. It has been such a different experience than what I had with Rory. By this time with her, I was swelled up beyond the point of recognition, still sick, and unable to do much of anything besides go to work and lay down. I haven’t been sleeping, so I’m tired, but I figure he is just gearing me up for what’s to come in a couple months!

4. Tomorrow I have my first ever newborn session! I hosted a giveaway awhile back, and I have been looking forward to it for a long time. I’m a little nervous about it, too, but it should be a fun experience.

5. It seems my daughter has a bright future ahead of her. Every night before bathtime, she runs out of the bathroom, completely naked, and watches her reflection in the front of the oven door as she shakes her butt and says, “Shake your boot-ay!” Nice; huh?

6. Now that I think of it, I think she is just spending way too much time around boys these days. Her dad rolls his eyes at all of her princess, girly-girl ways, but in the last couple weeks poop, toots, and smelly arm pits have been way more entertaining to her.

At least I’ve found my sure-fire way to get her to smile for the camera.

7. Here’s a couple more photos from our little photo shoot last week. I wish it would have been nicer over the weekend so that we could have gone out again. This weekend doesn’t look promising either.



8. Anyone else watch Real Housewives of NY? I love me some reality drama! The reunion show is tonight, and I can’t wait! Kelly is such a weirdo, and I want to see what everyone says about her now that they’ve seen her “conversations” with Bethany.

9. We’re getting some sort of a thunderstorm right now, and the tv and internet keep cutting in and out. So…

10. I’m cheating and calling this ten. So there!

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  • Jessica - LOVE the new photos! I can’t believe how much she’s changed in a year!

  • Tessa - I am completely addicted to The Real Housewives of NYC, too, but I missed the reunion show tonight! 🙁 I was so bummed. I did catch the first episode of the NJ girls though.

  • Kellli - beautiful photos as always! Glad to hear you are feeling well. I felt better with my son too. Might have to check out that workshop

  • Cama Cathrae - Your new blog looks so amazing! Your images are always stunning too!

  • Jules - I love your new blog! Who did you do it through?
    Your images look lovely!!!

  • Tamara - Smiling.. loved your postings. Love the fishing shot. They grow so quickly. Love!! the second to last semi profile shot GORGEOUS! Your blog looks great. I need to work on mine. I got the tofurious template too.

  • Kia Gregory - Megan, your little girl looks so beautiful. I love the last shot.

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