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Oh Rory Jean Cinderella, you are quite the pretender.  For the last two weeks, you have declared yourself as Sinner-ella.  I call you by the name your daddy and I gave you, and you quickly correct me, "No mom, I Sinner-ella."  Oh, my mistake.  {And by the way, what happened to mommy?  When did I become just mom?}  We pull into the driveway, and you exclaim, "Here's my castle!"  You are quite the princess!


You spend hours taking caring of all your babies.  Calling them by name, feeding them bottles, changing their diapers, dressing and undressing, taking them shopping at Target.

You love to make cupcakes with any bowl and spoon you can get your hands on.  Mixing, frosting, adding prinkles.  And mommy and daddy always love it when you give us a taste.

You play doctor, pretending to put your stethescope in your ears so that you can check mommy's lungs.  This one makes me sad.  I wish you had never had to learn how to play doctor.

You wrap your blanket around your shoulders and run up and down the hallway yelling, "SUPER Rory!"

There is so much in that imagination of yours.  Everyday, I look forward to seeing what you are going to come up with next.


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  • Carole - Megan~Those are SOOOO CUTE of Rory. They are always cute, but it seems that she is even cuter lately because she is so goofy. I love when I ask her if she goes in the big girl potty at home she will tell me – no at my castle!! HA! The things she says and the many looks she has lately are way to funny! ;o) She is such a great little girl though!! And I also wanted to let you know once again, how amazing you are with your photography!! Keep up the amazing work!!! “Grandma Carolyn” was excited to see some new pictures of Rory on here~Thanks!!! Carole (&Grandma Carolyn)

  • Angie - What a sweetie! I love those moments that only a toddler mind can create.
    P.S. Got the pics today. Thanks!

  • Kate - What a sweet little face! Her pretty princess eyes seem to sparkle.
    And I just love “Sinner-ella’s” little painted finger nails.
    You really have a gift for capturing that toddler magic.
    Oh and where the heck do you find the time for all of this? You and Martha Stewart must share some DNA 🙂

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