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she’s been missing around these parts

She really hasn’t been a fan of my camera lately, and Cohen just lays there so he is usually the target instead.  I’m just so grateful to have such a sweet little girl.  We can fight like any mother and daughter will, but then she will turn around and say the sweetest thing, talk baby talk and smother her baby brother, giggle over her own silliness, or come snuggle up with Cohen and I on the couch, and the tantrums and attitude are easily forgotten.  For a whole two minutes anyway!  haha!

Last night she said to me, “You are a great mommy, mama.”  {I could have cried!}  Then this morning as I was getting dresssed she said, “You look so pretty, mama.”

The house desperately needed cleaning last weekend, and since Cohen is afraid of the vacuum cleaner, I put him in his chair in the other room and asked Rory to watch him and come tell me if he started to cry.  I vacuumed a little, and then ran back to check on them.  When I got there, she had his feet covered up with her blankie, and she was singing him a song as she rocked his little chair.  After a few moments, she finally realized I was watching, and she looked at me beaming with pride…”I’m taking good care of him, mama!”

She is just growing up way too quickly!


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  • Jessica W - Such sweet stories and even a sweeter photo!

  • Katie - Oh my goodness!! That is the cutest thing!! Such a good big sis!! 🙂 Very cute picture!! Love her!!

  • Josey - Daddy’s good big girlie!

  • makia - beautiful pic, her sweet words remind me of my little one

  • Jules - what a doll! love this of her!!!

  • Paula - LOVE that pic of Rory! So beautiful! And what sweet times between her and Cohen. I love to catch that kind of stuff between my son and daughter too!

  • Tammy - Oh my goodness, Miss Rory Jean looks so grown up in this picture. She looks like Josey in this picture. What a beautiful girl.

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