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Roller Coaster

That's what the last week has been.  On Monday, I picked Rory up early from daycare because she wasn't feeling well.  We stayed home on Tuesday, and she was definitely sick, but was in good spirits for the most part.  By that evening, she was having a really hard time breathing, and I started to freak out a bit.  Josey was working late, so I took her into the after-hours clinic and we found out she had a bad upper respiratory infection.  So the doc gave her some medicine, including nebulizer treatments.  The next day, thanks to the medicine for the nebulizer, she was literally bouncing off the walls.  All day.  I have never seen her like that before.  She was crazy and hyper.  She completely destroyed everything in and around her crib when I tried to get her to nap, which she never took anyway.  It made for an exhausting day, and that continued up until last night when I couldn't take it anymore and quit giving it to her.  She's breathing fine now, but today…wow.  What a bear.  At one point I told her, "Rory, if you don't take a nap, mommy's going to go crazy."  She laughed.  Again little to no nap.  Lovely.

We (or maybe just I) had been looking forward to a trip this weekend to go visit one of my best friends who recently had a baby.  I was so excited to meet the little guy, but with what Rory has had this past week, I didn't want to risk going and having her get the baby sick, too.  So we're home instead.  Josey went out to Minnesota to visit his dad, so it's just Rory and I, and if the next few days are anything like today, you may be seeing a cute two year old up for sale on ebay.  Kidding…sort of! :o)

Thank goodness she's asleep now.  I snapped a couple of pictures at bath time, which is usually the happiest part of her day, and thankfully today was no exception.  She loves bath time, and it always puts her in a good mood, so today I didn't want it to end.  She was all shriveled up by the time I pulled her out of there!  These are nothing great photographically speaking, but they're the only pictures I've taken all week.  She looks sweet, but let me tell you…Here's hoping tomorrow I'll have my normal child back again!




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  • Carole - Now that is more like the sweet Rory I know!! ;o) I can totally agree to what you were saying, yikes!! haha. Rory couldn’t even keep her socks on, sweatshirt on or even sit for her favorite movie on Thurs. You could just tell in her eyes she was pretty much wired!! ;o) Well, Megan, I hope that this weekend goes better for you. We will be around as well, so if you get bored, you know you are always welcome and Rory could see Grandma Carolyn, ha! ;o) Take care!!

  • sarah - Oh boy. Sounds like quite a crazy couple of days. I hope this weekend’s better!

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