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Pumpkin Patch Playdate

The last few nights, Rory has been giving me fits with going to bed.  It is really unusual for her because she usually will simply lie down in her crib, and even if she doesn't fall asleep right away, we barely hear a peep out of her.  But not last night.  I was so desperate for her to just lay down and go to sleep that I told her that we were going to be going to the Pumpkin Patch tomorrow (today).  Well, that changed her mind, and she decided she'd better go to sleep so that she could go.  Then, as soon as I walked in her door this morning, she reminded me about the Pumpkin Patch, and threw another fit when I told her that no, we weren't going first thing this morning.  Wow, I'm starting to see what they mean by the terrible two's.  About 98% of the time she is great, but in these last couple of weeks she has been testing my patience.

Anyway, we actually did get to go to the Pumpkin Patch this afternoon, and we met up with our friends Kayla, Aubrey, and Karli.  We played, took some pictures (of course), rode on a train, climbed on some straw bales, and then went back to our house for some pizza afterward.  I'm so tired tonight that I can hardly see straight anymore, so these are the only photos that I've edited so far.

I didn't get many photos of Rory.  Big surprise, she didn't want to look at me.  This one had a yucky color cast, and I was about to throw it out when I decided to try it in black and white.  I kind of like it now.


Aubrey was such a good subject, though.  She has been practicing for our future photo shoots!


And Karli is so cute, I doubt she can take a bad picture!  She sure hammed it up for us at supper, too!


Thanks for the fun night girls!

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