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I’ve had these photos on my desktop since last fall, and I have failed to blog them because they aren’t the greatest photos, but obviously I am not getting around to retaking them very quickly, so they will have to do.  Especially because I am very excited to share this product with you, considering it is quickly becoming one of my favorite products that I offer!

These standouts hang in my childrens’ bedroom on the longest wall in the room, right between their two beds.  The one on the left is a 20×24 and the two on the right are 11×14’s.  I love how the larger scale of the prints fit perfectly over the shelving unit and they really make an impact on that long wall when you walk into the room!

The front of the standouts are just like a regular print, but they are 3/4″ thick and the side profile is available in white or black.  They are coated for protection, as are all of my prints, so you don’t need to worry about dust or fingerprints ruining your print.

I love standouts for so many reasons, and because of these reasons, this year I am really encouraging my clients to think about purchasing standouts over regular prints.  In fact, I’ve changed each one of my collections to include a standout because I really believe that if you are investing in custom photography, your images should be displayed and displayed well.  And standouts are probably the best and most efficient way to do that for these reasons:

1.  If you have beautiful images of your child or family, they should be able to speak for themselves.  Standouts are so simple and clean looking when hung on the wall or even propped up on a shelf, that the faces of your adorable children will really shine.

2.  There are no frames needed; standouts come completely ready to hang.  While the price of standouts are slightly higher than a normal wall print, if you take into account the cost and time involved with purchasing the right frame for your prints, most likely, you will be saving money in the long run.  And who really has the time to spend at the frame shop searching for the right style, color, and size of frame?

Not to mention, in a few years when you want to update the photos on your walls, you are free to choose totally different sizes of prints for your wall if you want because you are not stuck with the frames you spent good money on in the past.  In addition, it will be much easier to take your old wall display and move it to another area of your home because you won’t have to worry about the style and color of the frames working with the decor in a different room.

3.  Let’s face it, nothing can beat a gorgeous gallery wrapped canvas, but canvases are a bit more of an investment and if you are wanting to display a large gallery of images from your session on your wall, you may not be able to make that investment.  That is where the standouts come in!  They are less expensive than a gallery wrapped canvas, yet they still provide the same simple and clean profile on your wall.

4.  I have had nothing but rave reviews from my clients who have purchased standouts, and I have heard many times that one of the reasons they love them so much is because this is not a product offered by any and all photographers.  Anyone who walks into their home is surely impressed by the beautiful and unique way they’ve displayed their photos.

I am in the process of creating a variety of wall display ideas to help my clients learn how to display the images they have invested in around their home, and to also better understand the scale of prints and how different sizes can work in different spaces.  If you’d like more information on any of the products that I offer, please contact me!

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