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peeee doh | bismarck, nd photographer

Today, I was downloading some images from a recent session, and I started to feel bad looking through all of my cards because they were full of images of my kids from the last two months.  Just sitting there, not really forgotten, but definitely neglected.  I had to document these on my blog, though, because they show the result of what is a big milestone for every little boy…the first busted open head wound!  You know, I am actually surprised it has taken this long.  Cohen is nothing less than a dare devil.  He has been climbing on things around the house since right after he learned to walk, and at nineteen months old, he has survived up until this point with only minor injuries.

On Thursday evening, we were out at a local furniture store, and Cohen tripped on a rug, which launched him directly into the corner of a padded ottoman.  I didn’t think much of it because this kind of thing happens all the time with him, but  then I heard Josey say, “It’s bleeding!”  I was not expecting that.  Thank goodness we were the only ones in the store because I’m sure we caused quite a scene.  The mini first aid kit I had put in my car over two years ago came in handy, for sure.  Poor guy.  Lots of blood, tears, and band aids later, it seems to be healing pretty well now.

In other news, he is starting to really talk a lot more and it is so much fun hearing him repeat our words in his tiny little voice..  On this day, we were playing “peeeeee doh.”  He’s a little banged up, but that doesn’t take anything away from his sweet little face.

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  • Jessica W - Oh, I could squeeze on him in those pictures! Hope his head is feeling better! Sweet kiddos!

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