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our baby

If the way he acts on the outside is the same as how he acts on the inside…well, we’re in trouble!  I just cannot get over how different it has been being pregnant with him versus with Rory.  While Rory never stopped moving, this is something else.  My stomach and sides are actually sore to the touch from him moving around, and sticking out here and there.  There are times when he moves, and it causes me to actually jump from the shock and pain of it.  In fact, at the doctor the other day, I lied down for her to check his heartbeat, and she looked at me, paused, and said, “that just does not look like a comfortable belly.”  Very rarely is it perfectly round.  There is always a lump sticking out somewhere.

I have also been hopeful that since I’ve felt so much better this time around that this one would be willing to wait a little longer than Miss Rory did to be born.  He has not proven me correct in the last week.  I’ve had all kinds of cramps and contractions, and a few other things going on that caused concern for the doctor.  So I have been doing not much of anything and taking some medicine in hopes to slow all that down.  It has put me on pins and needles the entire week.  With Rory, my water unexpectedly burst in the middle on the night when I moved in bed.  After that experience and what has been going on this week, I feel like I can’t even move without being paranoid of the same happening!  I pray that he can hold out for a couple more weeks!

No matter what happens, we are all in great anticipation over when the event will take place, and all that is to come afterward.  I hope I never forget some of the conversations that I have with Rory about her Baby Brother.  We can now say that he will be born soon!  It’s hard to believe that we could be a family of four in just a matter of days.  I feel more and more blessed just thinking about it!


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  • Jen Best - sweet belly! Can’t wait to see the little guy!

  • Jules Trandem - How exciting!!! This shot is awesome … I love everything about it!

  • Mom - AAHHHHH!!! xoxo

  • Jessica W - What a super cute belly! I hope Brother holds out, but I am so excited for his arrival! And, the way you described your belly is the same way mine was with DS…lumps and bumps everywhere and painful little movements.

  • Jenn - How sweet is that baby belly?
    Great photo!

  • Kayla - Great shot! It looks like a nice buddah to me. Soon soon soon another boy (Fetus) will join all these girls. Yeah!

  • jeannette - I LOVE this picture!! This should go up in his room someday:) Remind him on days when he’s acting like a total boy that he should be grateful you put your tummy through this:) I can’t wait to see pictures of him. Make sure to take it easy! I’ve been thinking of you!

  • kittycarr - That is the most stunning belly shot I have ever seen!

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