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oh boy

It seems I have missed out on an entire month of documentation on this blog.  How does time go so fast?  I have loads of photos of my own kids that still aren’t even downloaded, which is part of the reason why I haven’t blogged in awhile.  The last month has been crazy, hectic, stressful, and tiring, but now that I have wrapped up all my sessions and am almost finished with orders, I’m trying to put my focus into my family again.  It seems the weekdays are a blur, and I just live my life by weekends now-a-days.  Especially now that it is dark at 4:00…NOT a fan of that at all.

We had a baptism for Cohen on November 15th, Josey and I celebrated our birthdays on the 22nd, a wonderful Thanksgiving back home in Montana, a weekend of catch up after being gone for Thanksgiving, and lastly a weekend of Christmas shopping and decorating.  Next weekend’s mission is to get a photo for our Christmas card…wish me luck!  The holidays are going to be so much fun this year with Rory being old enough to get it all and with our little man just hanging around taking it all in.

Oh, we got a new dining room table.  And what else would I do but strip Cohen down and take a picture of him on it?  Rory thought this was so hilarious until the point where Cohen peed all over the place.  Then she looked at me with a disgusted face and said, “Mom.  I think it’s time to be done with pictures now.”  hahaha!


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  • Katie - Oh my goodness Megan!! He is getting so big!!! Very cute!! =)

  • Jules - oh… he’s so big! and oh so cute!

  • admin - Oh, I know. The sad thing is that this photo was taken 2 1/2 weeks ago. He’s even bigger now!

  • Jessica W - Hilarious! And too cute!

  • Holly Radke - Oh he is so adorable! They get big too fast!

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