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No pictures?

Actually, I have two cards full of pictures from the mini-sessions this weekend, but I don't have any of my own child to share.  The mini-sessions went great this past weekend; we had awesome weather, and I got to work with a great bunch of families.  I have been keeping myself from downloading them all because I had two other sessions to finish first.  I'm going to be busy the next couple of weeks!

I'm kicking myself because I had planned to take Rory out on Sunday to get photos for our own Christmas card.  Of course, we got busy and she wasn't feeling 100% so I thought I could put it off.  My mistake…it looks like the weather is going to take a turn for the worse in a couple of days.  Ugh! 

I took Rory back to the doctor today.  She is having a hard time breathing again.  Hopefully, all the medicine we have been giving her the past couple of weeks will keep her from getting as bad as she did last time.  I'm getting pretty frustrated with the fact that we've seen five different doctors about this, and all have a different opinion, but I was thankful that her primary pediatrician called me back today.  I felt a lot better after talking to her because I know that she knows Rory and her situation.  Josey and I will be taking turns getting up every two hours tonight to give her the treatments.  While I sit here waiting for my files to be sent for print, I'm listening to her breathe over the monitor, and she has been snoring (due to a plugged nose) and talking in her sleep.  It's late, and I should be in bed, but I know that I won't get any sleep tonight anyway because I wake up to every single cough or sniffle she makes.  If I can worry this much when she's two, I can't imagine what I'll be like when she's fifteen!  It's nights like this that I just want to scoop her up and cuddle with her all night.

And since I can't post without a picture, I guess I'll share this one.  I LOVE this picture!  Gosh, when did they grow up?  They seriously look like little men standing there.


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  • sarah - I’m SO sorry Rory’s still going through all of this! And I know how tough it is to go through all those doctors and to have NO consensus. Very frustrating. But you’re doing everything you can, and that’s what matters. Keep plugging along and keep asking questions! (I found that asking lots of questions and challenging the doctors got us a lot farther a lot faster.) 🙂

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