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nine months old {bismarck, nd baby photographer}

It has been a rough week on this baby boy.  A rough week on all of us, really.  He just hasn’t been acting like himself and has had such a hard time sleeping, which is totally unlike him.  At nine months, he still has no teeth, and all of his symptoms lead us to think that is the culprit of all of his problems.  He has been such a trooper, though, and after a good visit to the chiropractor along with some teething tablets (they really do help!), he has had a much better weekend.

This week was also the first week he spent in the new room with his sister!  Knock on wood, they both have done so well with it.  I am so proud of Rory and how well she has behaved and how quiet she has been when she is in there awake and he is sleeping.  She was so excited about their new room, too.  We still have some more work to do in there.  I have nothing up on the walls yet and Josey has a little project to contribute as well, so hopefully we will get some of that done soon.  Like, maybe when four extra hours are added to the day!  LOL!

So, with the big change of moving into his new crib, where else would these nine month photos have been taken?

Where is my baby?  He looks like such a big boy here!

The smile never changes, though.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Cohen if he wasn’t chewing on or drooling on something.  Notice how the bottom lip is all the way on the bottom of the rail?  I think it’s so funny because now that he is crawling all over the house, there is a constant trail of drool down the hallway that leads back to the bedrooms.

The entire time I was going through these photos, I kept thinking how much he looks like Josey.  And then this one popped up.  Wow.  I wish I had a photo of my brother Adam to put beside this.  I think Adam has this same wide-eyed, mouth open expression in about 50% of his baby pictures.  I think our kids really are a perfect mix of the two of us, which I think it so cool.  It is fun to try to pick out features from each family and to wonder what they are going to look like in the future.

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  • Steph - He’s a beautiful boy! What fantastic photos…I always enjoy looking at your work and getting inspired!

  • Jules - oh so sweet! so glad they like being roommates!

  • anne marie - such an adorable little boy!

  • Lindsey - Very cute pictures. I can’t beleive he is 9 months already!! I love the wall color.

  • Aunt Heidi - Absolutely %100
    B-O-Y… and adorable!

  • Tammy - love the new pics of Cohen. still can’t wait to see the new room when it’s all finished. :0)

  • Erin - I LOVE THESE! The First one is so SWEET!
    Great work as always!

  • Jessica W - I just love him.

  • Katie Dobraska - Oh my goodness! I just want to hug and kiss him!! So cute! =]

  • kelli - 9 months already?!? Great pics! Hope he feels better.

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