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mr. i’m going to be 5 months old this week

Argh!  Could somebody please slow down the calendar?  How can December already be almost half over?

This little guy is mama’s snuggle bug.  If he could, he would just sit with me (or anyone probably) and stare, smile, and talk all day long.  Sometimes when I am talking to him, he gets a little smirk on his face and raises his left eyebrow, as if he totally gets me.  He looks more and more like his daddy every day, but he has this one look that is definitely from my side of the family.  He is usually lying in a puddle of drool.  He discovered his feet today while sitting in the Bumbo.  He tried so hard to get down there far enough to get it in his mouth, but had to settle for the sock he was able to pull off just far enough instead.  He is not a fan of going to bed at night.  He barely even shudders or blinks when Rory attacks him with her baby talk and kisses.  I’m just waiting for the day when he finally learns to just give her a shove when she gets too close.  He did get a good handful of her hair the other day, though!

It’s crazy to think that five months have already gone by, but at the same time, it feels like he was always a part of our family.  I think we’ll definitely keep him for a little while longer.



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  • Jules - love those eyes!

  • Jessica W - So freaking squeeze-able! The hair pull is still one of G’s favorite defense moves! 😉


  • Alex - Megan, I just came across your blog when I was randomly googling something for my sisters upcoming baby shower. Spent the last 30 minutes reading through it, I love your blog, you have such a sweet sweet family, love your photography, and how you document the life of your family! 🙂

  • erin - LOVE THESE!

  • Katie - So cute!! =)

  • jennifer - Oh my he is darling!!!!

  • Kayla - Awww look at him! Five months already…

  • Josey - That’s Daddy’s big shtinky boy. The Cohen Monster!

  • Aunt Heidi - He looks like his Uncle Jess!!!

  • Amanda - He is so cute, I love his eyes.

  • Tammy - Wow, He has grown way too much. Really really looks like daddy now.

  • KaCee - Soooo CUTE!

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