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more than just paint

The time has come.  On Thursday, we painted Rory’s room in preparation for her baby brother to move in.  It wasn’t long after I started in on the task that it dawned on me.  We moved into this house on April 14, 2006, just a little more than a month before Rory was born.  A couple weeks prior to moving day, coincidentally almost exactly four years ago, we were painting this very same room for the first time.  My belly was *out to here* and I was so excited to finally get moved into our very first home and get the nursery all set up and decorated for our first child.  

I rolled this coat of primer on with tears in my eyes.  I am just not even sure how four years could have possibly gone by already.

She has slept in this room since the day we brought her home.  How could she have gone from this…

…to this so quickly?

I started to think about her upcoming birthday, and as if I wasn’t emotional enough already, I realized that only two months after Rory turns four, Cohen will be turning one.  Now, I have never understood why people make such a big deal about birthdays and getting older.  I actually love celebrating my birthday each year, and I’ve never seen it as a negative thing.  Until now.  It is so much fun seeing them change and learn and grow,  but I don’t want my kids to grow up so fast!  I just don’t.

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  • Jules - I got teary just reading this! You’re right time goes by way too fast! I bet Rory is such a great big sister. Hard to believe you were pregnant when we did the bloom workshop together. 🙂
    The room looks beautiful!

  • Jessica W - I can totally understand why this could make you so emotional. They really do grow up quickly.

  • kelli - Girl, you are going to make me cry! It feels like they are going to fast for me right now too! Hailey is getting her SIX yr molar! Nathan is PTed and Jacob is 4 months! What the…

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