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I’ve been tagged!

Thank you Angie.  I'm supposed to post eight random things about myself.  Here goes…

1.  My husband and I have the same birthday, which happens to be tomorrow, so that's why I thought of it.  Around the time we started dating, somehow birthdays came into the coversation and when I told him mine was November 22, he said, "so is mine!"  I thought he was lying, and that was the worst pick-up line I had ever heard.  Turns out, it was true.  Coincidentally, Rory's birthday is exactly six months before ours, May 22, so it is her half birthday.  I guess 22 is a good number for us.

2.  My very first class at NDSU was Introduction to Engineering, and there was more people in that room than there are in my entire home town.  It was a bit overwhelming!  It's funny to think that by the time I graduated, I knew the names of the majority of those people.

3.  I am addicted to any kind of paper, fabric, or ribbon.  I love to wrap gifts simply because I love paper and ribbon.  Forget the shopping, I'd rather just wrap gifts at Christmas time.  I buy fabric, and can't bring myself to cut into it because it is just too pretty to look at.

4.  I absolutely hate coffee in all forms.  Can't stand the taste, can't stand the smell.  Blech!  But, with this cold weather, I am so craving peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks.  I may have to make a stop on my way home!

5.  I have been saying for two weeks now that I cannot believe some people already have their Christmas lights and trees up.  It's not even Thanksgiving for cripe's sake!  Well, last night, Rory and I were out and about delivering photo orders, and we ended up driving around the neighborhoods doing what?  Looking at Christmas lights!  And (I hope my husband isn't reading this), I think we're going to start getting our stuff up this weekend.  In my defense, we're going to be gone most of the week next week and Thanksgiving is late this year!

6.  Every night before I go to bed, I go in and check on Rory.  I cover her up with her blankies, rub her soft cheeks, and say a little prayer for her; the same prayer I have been saying since the day we brought her home.  She looks exactly the same when she's asleep now as she did then.

7.  One time, I came home from college and told my brother Adam that I learned how to cut hair, and I could give him a haircut.  It ended with him chasing me around the house and I had to give him money to go into town to get it fixed.  Hey, I just wanted to try!  How else was I supposed to learn?  Let's just say, it is A LOT harder than it looks!

8.  I am in love with UPS tracking!  There is just something about the word 'DELIVERED' that makes me so happy!  Knowing that when I get home from work there will be a box on my doorstep.  I am getting packages almost every other day right now, filled with prints and cards, and I am giddy when I see my work in print.  I wish I could keep one of each clients' holiday cards.  They are all turning out so beautifully!

I think I am going to pass this on, and tag Jeannette.  We met at a photography workshop this past spring, and I know there's a lot I don't know about her!  Plus, you need to go over to her blog to see how cute her baby Isaac is!

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  • Angie - I remember giving Adam a complimentary trim at your wedding. Never go to sleep with gum in your mouth!

  • Angie - PS I saw you have Love Story as one of your songs. I love that one! Have you heard Lovebug yet? Jonas Brothers sing it.

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