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In my best Chandler voice…

Could he BE any cuter?  Seriously.  Not only is he the littlest baby I've been able to photograph so far (well, besides my own, but I didn't know much about photography back then), he is the newest addition to a family near and dear to my heart.  His mommy and I have known each other probably since before we were even in kindergarten, we ended up being suite mates our first year of college, spent a summer together in Medora, and the next summer after that lived together even after I had gone away to a different school.  It was after that summer she moved away to follow the man of her dreams :o) and we were both the maid of honor in one another's' weddings.  Since then, we have both started a family and gone our separate ways, but we'll always be friends.  I drove away from our session last weekend, thinking about all the stuff we have done together in our lives, and I even have some pretty funny and embarrassing stories I could share, but instead I think it would be better to just share a couple photos of her babe.


I have been dying to get this hat on a baby, and I was giddy when I showed up and he was wearing the perfect little onesie to accompany it.


Tomorrow I'll share some photos of this guy's big brother.  He's such a helper, and we had a lot of fun!  Thanks, Angie for the fun time with your boys.  It was so great to see you all, and we have to make sure it isn't as long until the next time!

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  • Kayla - Very CUTE or “handsome” – great photos again! Keep up the creativity.

  • Rachelle - So very cute! I would love to hear some Ang stories! I’m in need of a good laugh today. I have a ton of them and they all make me LOL! One however stands out today, probably because william just brought a book about them out. Remember science class…and MAMA1! Good times! I think she needs to move closer so we can have more of those moments!!
    I made our reservation today for the 10th. my hope is that the kids will nap before our session on saturday. that and check in isn’t until 4 so i wouldn’t be able to get everyone ready either. see you soon!

  • MarysMomma - Your work is fantastic! If you are ever in Maryland / DC please let us know. We would love to book you for a session with Mary.

  • Angie - Oh Megan! I’m about to cry. They look incredible. I can’t wait for Wes to get home to show him. Thank you so much for this. It was great getting to see you. I hope Rory is feeling better. I was thinking about life as well after our session. Where did the time go? Good thing you kept those stories filed away. We can save them for a rainy day. Brody had a blast “posing” for you. It’s all he could talk about. I’ll get busy and post some of our vacation pics on the blog. Can’t wait to see Brody’s pics.

  • Angie - P.S. Now that I’ve seen how cute they turned out I don’t feel quite so bad about trespassing to get the shots. (Fore?)

  • Megan - Glad you like them Ang! There is a reason I’m not above doing something illegal (trespassing) and bribery (gummy bears) to get some good shots! :o)

  • Josey - TRESSPASSING! I didn’t hear about this. I would have turned you girls in. How dare you. How is it that girls can get away with it but I can’t when I am hunting. BS I tell ya!!!

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