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I’m still alive!

Wow, I have been missing from this blog!  I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!  We were gone Wednesday through Sunday in Montana for the holiday, and both before I left and since I've been back I have been a) not feeling well due to some cold/sinus thing, which has now turned into a nagging cough b) swamped with photography related stuff and c) crazy busy trying to keep my household afloat…piles of laundry, cleaning, all that fun stuff.  Right now, I am sitting waiting for the last of my orders to go through to the lab, so I thought I'd jump on real quick.

Since I really have no new photos to share, I thought I'd participate in yet another tag from my friend Sarah.  This one is kind of fun.  I have to post some photos from my first four months of blogging and tell the story behind them.  Well, I actually haven't been blogging for long, only since this spring, but in going back I had so many I wanted to post.  I was reminded that we had a really fun summer this year, and that definitely put a smile on my face.

Ultimately, I chose to post the following photos because it was an out of the ordinary day that I got to spend home with Rory because her daycare was closed.  While I hate using up my precious vacation time from work, I secretly look forward to days when daycare is closed and we have nobody to watch Rory.  I love spending the days with her, and although there are some days when she can be a pill and my rope is wearing thin by the end of the day, I really try not to take any of the days I can spend at home with her for granted.  This was definitely one of those days.  It was simply a perfect mother-daughter day, filled with a little shopping, lunch out, just me and her, and an afternoon at the pool.  It was the first time she'd ever been to the pool, and she had so much fun.  I loved watching the expressions on her face as she ran through the splash area, and there wasn't one woman within a 10 foot radius of us in the pool who didn't comment on how cute she was!  I tried to talk her into a break from swimming to get an ice cream treat, and she refused.  You know she was having fun if she turned down ice cream!  My girl is a sugar monster, no doubt!

And now in looking back at these, I realize how much she's grown up since then.  She has lost the puffy diaper butt and the baby tummy!  Kind of makes me sad.




I don't know who to pass this tag onto, so if you're reading this and want to take a trip down memory lane, you can follow suit!  Be sure to leave me a comment so that I know to go check it out!

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  • Kelli - I remember those! So sweet They make me miss summer!

  • Jeannette Neal - Megan, I can’t believe I have never had the chance to meet your sweet little Rory, because these beautiful pictures make me feel like she’s smiling right at me. She is just so sweet and full of life. Thanks for sharing!

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