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how to make a hooded bath wrap | everyday art photography bismarck, nd

These hooded bath wraps are a must-have in our house, and they also make an excellent gift.  There are lots of little ones in our friends & family circle who will be receiving these this year, and since my machine has been out to make them, I thought I’d document the process to share!  They are great for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and even for kids older than that, and they are so much nicer than the tiny ones you buy at the store.  With just a couple cuts and straight stitches, you can whip two of these out in less than half an hour.  A great nap-time project, for sure! 

To make two hooded wraps, you will need two bath towels, and one hand towel.

At Target, there are some really cute reversible towels, and that’s what I’ve been using because you can make one of each design.  Perfect for making a matching set.

First, you’ll want to fold the hand towel in half, length-wise.

Next, measure 10 inches in from one of the finished edges and cut.  Now, do the same from the other end.

You should have two rectangles measuring 10 inches on the bottom side.  Here, I’ve already reversed one of them because I am making one of each pattern.

Now, you’ll want to pin the cut edge so that you can sew it.

Sew the cut edge, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Now, turn it right side out.  You now have the hood!

Locate the center of the bath towel by folding it in half, and placing a pin in the center for reference.

With right sides together, pin the hood onto the bath towel, lining up the seam from your previous stitch with the pin you used to mark the center of the bath towel.  I find it is easiest if you start in the center and work your way out, and then repeat on the other side.

Make sure when you pin, you line up the edge as closely as possible.

Now, very carefully sew the hood onto the bath towel.  I try to stay right on the edge of the seam already on the towel so that the stitch is hidden.  Be sure to secure the ends really well.

See?  I stayed right on the edge of the seam so you can’t really even see my stitch.

Turn it right side out, and you now have your first hooded bath wrap!  Now, repeat the same steps with the remaining hood and bath towel. 

You can roll them up and tie them with a ribbon for a super cute, handmade gift that will be used over and over again!

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  • Kayla - You’re hired! =) Love em and pattern/colors.

  • Tatum - So…. are you ready to go into the sewing business? These are adorable!!

  • maureenwilson - tfs!!

  • Erica - Wonderful tutorial!

  • colleen - this is so cute Megan!!! Love it!

  • Gail - excellent, excellent and even more excellent. Christmas is now solved for me!

  • Sara T - Love this so much, Megan! What a great creative and thoughtful gift. I wish I owned a sewing machine…maybe my mom won’t mind a couple last minute stitches 🙂

  • Jessica W - What a great idea, they’re adorable!!

  • Lauren - So cute!! I just made 2 during naptime. Did you do something creative with the piece of the hand towel that was left? I can’t just throw it away, but am drawing a blank as to what I can make with it. Thanks for the easy tutorial!

  • Cori - Love this!

  • kelly - best tutorial for this project yet … made it sound as simple as it is !!

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