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home sweet home

This past weekend, Josey, Cohen, and I headed out to Whitefish, Montana for our friends’ wedding.  It was a busy and exhausting trip, but the place was beautiful.  Right when Josey walked in the door of our room, I told him that we should have brought Rory along so that we wouldn’t have to go home!  I really wish we would have more time to spend out there.  I guess we will just have to go back!

We found out that Cohen really isn’t a fan of riding in the carseat.  Who could blame him?


He was a fan of the destination, though.


On the way out there, we came across quite a bit of this, which only made the trip longer.


You’d think that on a 13 hour drive I would get bored.  Nope.  Between entertaining him, trying to get him to stop screaming,  feeding him, holding the pacifier in his mouth so that he wouldn’t wake up, pumping so I could feed him again,  sticking the pacifier back in his mouth…I was plenty busy!


To say we were happy to get home is an understatement.  Not only was the drive less than fun, I missed my Rory.

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  • Jessica W - Cute series of pics! I can’t wait to see some wedding photos! I can’t tell you how glad I am that G is facing forward for our next long-ish roadtrip! 🙂

  • jennifer - You give me hope when it comes to traveling with 2 alone! Beautiful photos!

  • Josey - He was a good Boy for Daddy. He was pretty good for the ride most of the time also. I had a good time with my wife and little man. Missed my Roryies too.

  • erin - I remember lots of trips like that with my little man. Great photos!!

  • megan - If only Josey didn’t hit so many bumps on the road, maybe he would have slept better! Just kidding babe! :o)

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