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happy thanksgiving!

I have so much to be thankful for, but on the top of my list are these three.  Anytime I really think about how much I love them, the tears well up in my eyes. 

Josey.  Well, this photo explains it all.  He loves to have fun, and has a great sense of humor.  He’s always trying to bring a smile to our faces.  He does so much for others, and puts all the people in his life first.  He loves me, no matter how sleep deprived and stressed out I may be at times.  He gave me my children.  And best of all, he has a great wife.  :o)

Rory Jean.  She has the biggest, most genuine smile and, she has a huge heart.  Her feelings get hurt easily and she has such compassion for others.  She is my best bud and would do everything with me if she could.  And her and her brother share such a sweet bond.

About a week ago, on our way to drop Cohen off at daycare, I overheard her in the back seat of the car telling him, “It’s okay buddy.  I have to go to school today, but I’ll see you soon.  Don’t worry.  Okay bud?”

And then this week, when I picked her up from school, she told me with tears in her eyes, that her classmate’s grandpa passed away.  She was so concerned, and assured me that it would be okay, though because “I said a prayer for him.  And he is in heaven.”

Cohen.  Oh, that kid.  He is pretty determined to climb on every thing imaginable these days.  The minute I think I’ve Cohen-proofed the house, he finds another way.  Rather than playing with his toys, he uses them as a means to get on top of what he can’t reach otherwise.  And it drives me nuts.  But all it takes is one flash of that grin, and I can’t even be mad at him anymore.  He is just THAT adorable.  I love how, when you ask him a question, he shakes his head and says, “mmm muh.”  How he hides behind his crib bumper, butt up in the air, so that he can surprise me when I walk in his room.  And he gets so excited to wave and say “baaaaah” as loud as he can when he leaves anywhere!

Where would I be without these three?

I wish you and your family the most wonderful Thanksgiving!

{photo credit:  erin vournas photography}

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