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Happy Birthday, Bubby!

Happy birthday to the sweetest two year old I know!  I just cannot get over the fact that she's two already.  She is not my little baby anymore, but her cheeks are still as kissable as the day she was born, and I love her more than ever. This morning, when I went to get her out of her bed, I asked her if she knew what day it was, and she said, "Happy birthday ME!" 

This birthday girl, first thing this morning…


Rory, how old are you today?  (That sort of looks like two fingers; right?)


 Some of what Rory is up to these days…

  • She loves to sing. There are many times when, out of nowhere, she'll bust into song. "Winkle, winkle, attle starrrrrr…" When we get into the car, she immediately asks for her Bible songs. She knows what song is on which cd, and sometimes demands to hear a certain song over and over again. Mommy loves that, let me tell you.
  • She doesn't stay on one thing for long, but when it comes to taking care of her babies, she could play for hours. She gives them a bath (in the step stool turned upside down), gives them medicine, changes their diapers, feeds them bottles, burps them (sound effects and all), wraps them in a blanket, puts them to bed telling mommy to, "shhh, Abby sleepin," takes them to the zoo in the stroller. She is such a good little babysitter.
  • She is constantly opening and closing the doors in the hallway. I'll go into my room to get the laundry out of the closet, and she is right behind me. I barely turn around to grab the laundry, and both the closet door and the bedroom door are closed on me. It's really handy when your hands are full. And somehow she must turn the lock on her bedroom door as she's closing it, and she often locks herself into her room.
  • If you try to get her to do something such as get in the car or sit at the table for a meal, she'll run away from you giggling. It is the cutest giggle, and she thinks she's really funny. If we're in the house, she'll usually run away giggling into her room, slamming the door behind her, and hides under her bed. She is fast, too.
  • If you say, "Rory, I love you," she'll respond with, "love you, too."  Melts my heart every single time.
  • She loves to play outside, and screams when it's time to come in.
  • In addition to the last one, she really knows how to throw a temper tantrum when something doesn't go her way.  Lots of fun.
  • She is definitely Miss Independent.  "I do it."  How many times a day do I hear that?
  • Daddy taught her to say, "Peace out!" rather than good bye.  She picked up, "ohmygoodness," (yes, all one word) from mommy.  She will sometimes add on a "buddy" to the end of her sentences…"Clean up, buddy." 

She is a busy little girl with lots of personality, that's for sure! 

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  • Grandma Jodi - Happy Birthday Rory Jean!!

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