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halloween 2012 | bismarck child photography

There are only a few things I really remember about Halloween as a kid.  One big one was homemade costumes.  The only store bought costume I really ever remember wearing was an all plastic cabbage patch smock and mask thing one year.  Other than that, my mom mostly made our costumes.  And it seemed like when the moms would run out of ideas or time, all of the kids from my home town would just do a big trade.  It worked out well.  Another big thing is that it was always FREEZING on Halloween!  I think in most of the Halloween photos I remember of us as kids, we had a snowsuit on with our costume stretched over the top.  It’s just how it was.

So, Halloween this year was very similar for my kids, and that makes me really happy because this year I feel very indifferent about the holidays coming up.  Since we are displaced for the moment, I feel like most of our traditions and those good feelings of home are kind of out the window.  Most of our stuff is in storage.  In fact, I made my husband go to storage twice looking for the kids’ trick or treat bags that they have used every single year, but he had no luck in finding them.  It just is what it is for this year, and the important thing is that we are together, even though I can’t deny that it does make me feel a little weird about the holidays.  BUT having homemade costumes and a freezing cold Halloween somehow made me feel good because it reminded me of my childhood!

I don’t think I have to say much about Cohen in these photos after mentioning that it was freezing that day.  He was not happy about having to get his picture taken in the cold.  I guess keeping warm is not a power Super Cohen has.  In my defense, it was not nearly as windy in town as it was out where we took these photos.  He survived!  He was just a very sad little super hero.

Rory choose what she wanted to be this year.  She had seen an owl costume in a catalog.  I had already made a very tiny owl costume three years ago (those pictures make ME sad!), so I tried to do this one a little differently.  She loved it!

And this year, Blake got to go trick or treating with us!  Those boys are too much fun.

(Oops, I see I need to fix my cloning.  I need to get more sleep!)



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  • Jessica W - Is it wrong that I love C’s little tear? They looked great!

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