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girl or boy? {GUESS FOR A CHANCE TO WIN!}

Only one week, and we will hopefully find out if Thing 2 is a girl or a boy!  Although, I am horribly impatient, and I am hoping that doesn't jinx anything, and this baby will cooperate when the time comes.  Of course, all I'm really hoping to see is that all is well in there, and that we have a healthy baby.  I thought for a little fun, I'd hold a contest. 

Leave a comment below with your guess, and then next week I will take all the correct guesses and randomly draw a winner.  If for some reason you can't leave a comment, you can email me your guess at

The prize:  This cute mug, a biscotti, and a $20 Starbucks gift card!  Even if you hate coffee like me, everyone loves Starbucks…hello Vanilla Bean Frappuccino!



So take a guess!  You you have a 50/50 chance of being right!

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  • katie - How fun! I love a contest, so I’m going to say that you’re having {insert drum roll} . . . a BOY! Can’t wait to find out – that’s always so exciting!

  • erin - Ooooh…count me in! I’m addicted to their hazelnut hot chocolate.
    I say…GIRL! =)

  • Amy M - I’m guessing boy. That seems to be the trend these days. :o)
    So then, Skeeter, right?!

  • carole - My guess has to be a girl – that is what Rory seems to tell me the most and of course the name is Lucy!! ;o) CAN’T WAIT! Take care!

  • Kayla - McCloud guess is a boy – Skeeter Milbradt… that would be great. We need some more boy playmates! But “Lucy” would be loved just as much as “Skeeter”. Anxious to hear next week what Thing 2 is.

  • Joelle - oh for exciting – i know that i was very impatient too when it came to finding out about the girls – i am going to say a BOY 🙂 I can’t wait to hear! GOOD LUCK and glad to hear that you don’t have morning sickness anymore!

  • jenn - BOY BOY BOY BOY BOY..
    Rory needs a baby brother!

  • Lindsey T. - I am guessing a baby boy.

  • jeannette neal - Girl!! I just know it is:) Good Luck, Megan!

  • Angie - Sexton family is thinking Pink! (girl)

  • Kelli - My guess is BOY!
    I love starbucks!!
    GL, I can’t wait to hear…

  • Jessica - Boy!

  • Kate - I think Rory is getting a baby sister!

  • Katie Dobraska - I think Thing 2 is going to be a BOY BOY BOY!!!!! Yay! I can’t wait to find out!!!!

  • linda - well to make a perfect family it needs to be a boy altough I love little girls just as sweet as you were but will say a BOY

  • linda - opps probably should have signed that Aunt Linda

  • sarah - SO funny… I just came by to see if you’d posted about which you were having! I guess if I had to, erm, guess, I’d say a healthy little BOY. 🙂

  • Rachelle - I think we need a cute lil belly picture to go up with the prize. That way we can guess better. LOL!! But i’m going to guess girl!

  • Elana - I’ve been up and down with this guess but I am going to have to say boy. I know 6 people prego and 1 out of the 6 are having a girl..its seems this spring/summer that boys are a popular sex…so I am saying boy!!! Can’t wait to hear from you!!!

  • Kendel - i think that it is going to be a boy!

  • Paula - I guess boy. I am glad you are feeling better.
    I really missed seeing your pictures!
    Good luck at your ultrasound!!!!

  • Stephanie Verhasselt - Hey Megan…going to guess a boy!!

  • Amanda S - As much as I hate to say it and hope to be wrong, I have to go with girl! Riley’s guess is boy so we balance out. Good luck.

  • Carolyn - Think you have a boy! Saw Rory and Jett play at his party and she would make a great big sister to either!

  • Jenny - Maybe GIRL & BOY. Do twins run in the family? I’ll guess GIRL if there’s just one.

  • Maria - I’m guessing a boy, mostly cuz I see Megan almost every day at work 😉

  • stacy fennewald - I guess a girl

  • Cindy Becker - I think HE is going to be a boy!

  • Tammy - My guess is that a handsom baby boy named Skeeter will be born in July.

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