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Full of funnies

This girl is just too much some days.  Some of the things she says just cracks me up.  Today, I had a few things planned for our morning.  We were going to head into town, and on the way I wanted to stop for a little photo shoot that I had planned.  I put her in this cute dress, and her new pink shoes to which she checked herself out and said, "Oh ma goodness!  CUTE!"  LOL!  She was looking pretty adorable. 

Well, that photo shoot didn't really turn out the way I had hoped.  Rory only lasted a few minutes before she was ticked off and started demanding that she wanted to go to the park.  (Apparently, she thinks all photo shoots are at the park; I have no idea why.)  I gave up pretty easily, and we got back in the car as she cried.  As we got closer to town, the cries turned into little sniffles and she said to me, "Sahwie, Mommy.  Crabby pictures."  She felt bad for being crabby!  How could I not forgive her after that?  So sweet.

We went to the sale at Junkyard Chic, and I scored a pretty cool antique stool.  Note to self, don't ever bring Rory to a store like that again.  She didn't break anything this time, but I'm sure I already pressed my luck far enough.  Next, we headed to the mall where she thought everything was, "BOOFULL!" and lots of "grandmas" (she calls anyone with gray hair grandma or grandpa) complimented her on how cute she was.  I think it took us an hour to get to where we needed to go and back because of the number of people we had to talk to!

Well, here are a couple of photos before the melt down.  Not exactly what I had in mind, but still pretty cute.



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