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Five funnies from Rory


1.  Rory has the entire Brown Bear Brown Bear book memorized, and with a lot of patience she can nearly read the whole thing front to back.  The other night, she was reading it to me, and when she got to the teacher page, she said, "T-shirt t-shirt what do you see?"  I almost died.

2.  We were sitting at a red light, and when she looked over she saw a little Ford Ranger pickup next to us.  She said, "Look mom!  A baby pickup!"

3.  Rory has a rosary that she got for her baptism hanging her room.  I was doing something in my room, and she came running in exclaiming that she has a Jesus necklace!

4.  She just loves to play pretend with her dolls, and Abby is by far her favorite.  Apparently, Abby is growing up, and Rory is becoming quite the little mommy.  Abby drinks her medicine from the little measuring cup now instead of using the syringe; she doesn't like bottles anymore, she needs to be spoon fed with a baby spoon and bowl from the kitchen; Rory has to use a washcloth from the bathroom to wash her face, and Abby has even been spending some time in time out.  There have been several occasions where I've heard Rory sternly telling Abby, "Stop crying you can come out.  Say sorry!"  I wonder where she learned her discipline techniques?


 5.  When she starts to giggle, she'll sometimes snort, and if you laugh at her for it, she will keep doing it over and over again, just because you think it's funny.  It's pretty ridiculous.

Even with all the attitude problems we've been dealing with lately, Rory still continues to crack us up and make us smile more times than I can count.  I love that girl!

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  • Josey - She is Daddy’s good little Catholic Girl. HA!!!
    You should tell everyone about putting pennies in the cigarette lighter and cell charger ports in Daddy’s pickup and blowing the fuses. That’s funny!

  • Kate - Megan- where did you find that adorable stroller? I would love to get my little girl the same one.. she is 20 months.. looks perfect for that age!

  • Megan - Kate ~ I got the stroller last year around Christams time at Target. It is the Fisher Price brand, and I actually saw the same one at Target recently. It is by far one of Rory’s most used toys, even nearly a year later, and I’m sure your daughter would love it!

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