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emma grace

Oh, Emma.  Where do I start with her?  She is about to turn two, and she is as sassy as ever.  Don’t be fooled by her tiny little frame; she has a BIG personality!  She loves playing kitchen when she comes to our house.  That’s the first thing she goes to when she gets here.  Her and Cohen love to hate eachother.  One minute they’ll be getting along great, the next someone is crying.  Typical two year olds, for sure.

One night, Emma stayed the night at our house, and right before bedtime I had both her and Cohen on my lap for a few bedtime snuggles.  Emma leaned over and started to kiss Cohen on the forehead, then the cheek…forehead, cheek, forehead, cheek…she got about ten kisses in when finally Cohen got a scowl on his face, stared her down, pointed and said, “Nemma. NO.” 

That perfectly describes their relationship.  Emma will do her thing, and it takes awhile, but eventually Cohen thinks he needs to put his foot down!  Oh, I’m afraid of the trouble these two are going to cause.

She is my sweet little neice, about to be a big sister, and I love her more than ever.  And you’ll see, it doesn’t take much to get her to smile!

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  • KaCee - LOVE THEM ALL TOO MUCH!!!!! Your so talented Megan!

  • Jessica W - Even though I don’t know her, I feel like her personality really shows through in these photos!

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