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Finally, some new photos of the sweetest little man ever.  This kid, I have to admit, has me wrapped around his cute little finger.  I don’t know what it is.  I mean, I remember thinking Rory was the most adorable baby, too, but I cannot get over him.  Maybe it is a thing baby boys have on their mamas?  In any event, he is extremely lucky I feel this way because his cuteness cancels out his naughtiness.  Oh man can he throw a tantrum!  And test my patience to the last thread, especially at bed time.  And let’s not forget the dozen or so near heart attacks I’ve had from all of his stunts.

In the last month, we’ve finally made a break through, and he now has several more teeth.  I am not even sure how many now, they all seemed to have come in at once.  I didn’t think it would ever happen!  He has also become pretty talkative, and while maybe we are the only ones who understand him, he is trying hard to master his words.  He likes making animal sounds, his favorite being a big raaawrrr for lions, bears, and dinosaurs (you’ll see)!  Every night at bed time, he climbs up in Rory’s bed with her to give her a big hug and kiss, which not only melts my heart, but Rory’s, too.  She loves it!  And, knock on wood, he has willingly gone to bed in his crib on his own for the first time the last two nights.  I have been putting this milestone off because I love rocking him, and I’ve worried it was going to be an event full of tears, which has worried me, considering his sister needs to get her sleep, too.  But he surprised me.  There were no tears, and it was not that painful at all.  Let’s hope it continues!

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His Uncle Zachie gave him these slippers.  I’d say he loves them; right?  He will wear these all day long if you let him; sweaty feet and all!

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  • mom - It is a thing baby boys have on their mamas. He has gotten some legs, he’s getting so big and as cute as ever! xoxo

  • Denise - I feel the exact same way about Ethan. 🙂 LOVE the pics – he’s too, too cute.

  • Cori - He is such a little man! And, I feel the same way about J. Boys and their mamas….

  • Erin - Oh my, He is about the sweetest thing ever!! I love those slippers too!!

  • Kateri Meier - Love the pictures, Megan! He is so adorable!

  • Jessica W - Oh my gosh! Where did the baby boy go?! I can’t believe how big he is! And so darn cute!

  • Kim - He is so adorable!

  • gramma anita - what a little man. he always reminds me of josey when he was little. very nice pictures megan, you do such a good job.

  • hope - cohen is way too adorable. tfs… i can so relate

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