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Quote for the day…

Yesterday, at preschool, Rory made a little stick horse out of paper and a wrapping paper tube.  There is a piece of felt over it, which serves as a saddle.  Last night, she galloped in on it, and told me, "Mommy!  My horsie has a SALAD."  "You mean a saddle?"  "No, a SALAD."  Okay, Rory!  I died.View full post »

Quote for the day

Last night, we were up to our usual sit around and play before bedtime routine, when Rory put her hands on her hips, started wiggling and dancing around, singing at the top of her lungs…"SHAKE YOUR BODIES!  OH BABY!"  Over and over again.  Seriously, I've never laughed so hard.  Where did she learn that?View full post »

Quote for the day

Last night, Rory was sitting on my lap when she noticed I had a dollar bill sticking out of my pocket.  She grabbed it, and was excited to check it out.  She unfolded the bill, opening it to see George Washington's face when, looking confused she said, "Jesus?" Wouldn't that be the day when Jesus's face appeared on the one dollar bill? :o)View full post »

Quote for the Day

Upon pulling into the driveway, noticing that Josey was already home… Me:  "Look!  Daddy’s already home!" Rory:  "Are you serious?!?!" It’s something new every day! :o)View full post »