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Everyday Life Workshop | Bismarck DSLR camera class

Does this story sound familiar to  you? You became a new mother and your baby was SO adorable that you just knew you needed a great camera to be able to capture every ounce of cuteness and all the milestones to come.  So you invested in a DSLR camera and soon realized that getting the shots you’d planned on wasn’t as easy as you’d hoped it would be.  Soon, your baby was growing up and actually moving and getting those beautiful photos you’d thought you would became evenView full post »

Everyday Life Workshop | camera class in Bismarck, ND

This workshop is for you if: You have invested a lot of money in a DSLR camera and still don’t feel like you are getting great photos of your kids. You have looked at all the buttons on your camera and decided it would just be easier to stick to Auto mode. You feel like you sometimes get a “lucky shot” and would like to make that happen more often. You need a day just for YOU to learn and be inspired for the new year! Here is what a past participant had to say about the Everyday LifeView full post »

Bismarck DSLR photography class

Everyday Life Workshop | DSLR camera class in Bismarck, ND

Here is what a past participant had to say about the Everyday Life Workshop: “I highly recommend the Everyday Life Workshop! Megan is so knowledgeable & patient that she made it a breeze to not be afraid of my DSLR camera. I had my Canon for several years and never once changed the setting off “auto”. This awesome 1-day course allowed me to now take dramatically better photos by learning the basic principles of my DSLR camera. It was a great atmosphere with nice referenceView full post »

Bismarck DSLR photography class

everyday life workshop | bismarck camera class for moms

workshop description Since the day I became a mom, always having a camera by my side  has been important to me.  I’ve tried to capture not just the big events, but the small moments, too.  By capturing those small moments with my camera, I look back and I see the beauty that our everyday life holds.  The photographs of moments that seemed mundane and simple at the time are the ones I treasure the most. This workshop is for beginner DSLR users who do not yet have a good understanding ofView full post »