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happy valentine’s day! | bismarck photographer

I always have so much fun every year taking Valentine-themed photos of my kids.  This year, I was short on space to do much, and almost didn’t do it at all, but I’m glad I made the effort just because I love being able to compare them year after year and to see how much they’ve changed from one Valentine’s Day to the next.  Plus, we have fun coming up with ideas for Valentine cards for their friends.  Look at Cohen last year.  And Rory and her Valentine’s.  MyView full post »

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happy new year! | bismarck photographer

We had a little bit of fun with our own New Years Eve photobooth.  I hope you did something fun to ring in 2013, too!View full post »

halloween 2012 | bismarck child photography

There are only a few things I really remember about Halloween as a kid.  One big one was homemade costumes.  The only store bought costume I really ever remember wearing was an all plastic cabbage patch smock and mask thing one year.  Other than that, my mom mostly made our costumes.  And it seemed like when the moms would run out of ideas or time, all of the kids from my home town would just do a big trade.  It worked out well.  Another big thing is that it was always FREEZING on Halloween!  IView full post »

this kid | bismarck child photographer

I got a new lens this week, and Cohen was very willing to let me test it out on him as long as I took a photo of him with the Sponge Bob toy he stole borrowed from his cousin Emma.  No problem, buddy.  I didn’t want Sponge Bob to steal his thunder, so he got cropped out.  I think this face deserves all the attention it can get…and with expressions like that, it gets a lot of attention; some good, some bad! Cohen has been full of funny comments lately.  Some days I think it wasView full post »

cohen’s 3rd birthday | bismarck child photography

Cohen turned three last week, and it was the most exciting birthday for him so far .  I just think three is the most magical birthday because it is the first time that they really get it.  He sat with me when I designed this invitation, and from that point on, all he could talk about was his dinosaur party.  For weeks, he would have this same conversation with random strangers in the grocery store:  “Guess whaaaat.  I having  a dinosaur party!”  Said in his tiny, high pitched,View full post »

merry christmas! | bismarck, nd natural light child photography

As I said in my last post, I’m doing a little rewind.  After getting a horrible stomach bug (like just about half of Bismarck), my Christmas was spent mostly on the couch, so I didn’t get a chance to share these with you when I had originally planned.  Please close your eyes and imagine that today is Christmas.  Okay, now open your eyes, and take a look at how adorable these little Milbradt’s are!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas…sans the flu!View full post »

Our 2011 family Christmas card

REWIND!  Okay, so just for a minute, let’s pretend that Christmas has not already come and gone.  Because I was planning to share this before Christmas, but then, well, Christmas came and everything was crazy busy and it didn’t happen.  I thought it would be okay to wait until Christmas day, but it turns out Santa brought our family the stomach flu that has been going around Bismarck, and then absolutely nothing has been accomplished at my house ever since.  So… MerryView full post »

jessie & buzz | halloween 2011

Oh, did we ever have fun this Halloween!  First of all, Cohen is OBSESSED with Toy Story, and has been since early this summer.  I had other ideas for cute coordinating costumes, but in the end, it was a no brainer to let him be Buzz, and Rory was super excited about being Jessie.  Another bonus for me…no sewing!  The Disney store saved my sanity this year. I had a special location planned for a mini session with them in their costumes the day before Halloween, but Cohen woke up crabbyView full post »

splish splash birthday bash

Only being a little more than a week apart, Cohen and Emma have both turned two, and last weekend we celebrated with a big birthday bash.  It was so much fun, and I swear the day was a reminder to me that God really does answer prayers.  First, the weather…the weekend before we had unbearable heat and humidity, and there was a call for thunderstorms the day of the party.  The weather turned out to be absolutely perfect.  We really couldn’t have asked for a better day.  Then,View full post »