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Lazy Sunday

Whoa, three posts in a day!  That's a first.  Is anybody even reading this on a Sunday evening?  Today, we didn't accomplish much.  We had planned a boating trip for the weekend, and today was the perfect day, but somebody turned the key too far last time, and the boat now has a dead battery.  Whoops, I didn't mean to!  Oh well, it was kind of nice to spend a day inside resting and staying out of the heat. Rory and I made cookies this afternoon. View full post »

Bad storm

Last night, we stopped by the Jacobsen’s to check on their animals, and we noticed some crazy clouds just to the north.  This was taken on the road in front of their house (they live just up the street from us). By the time we got home, the clouds had darkened and they completely surrounded the neighborhood. In a matter of seconds, the wind direction changed and we made it inside just in time for the hail to hit.  The hail started out fairly large,View full post »

What can a 2 year old

do with a bowl on a ‘way too windy to go outside’ day?  She can… play the drums have a snack and give her baby a bath Whoa!  Sorry the color is way off on these.  I was multi-tasking when I edited/posted them!View full post »

We miss daddy

Josey has been on night shift for three days now.  Rory keeps saying, “daddy home soon?” and after she goes to bed, I’ve been kind of lonely and bored, too.  So, tonight I tried my best to keep both of us busy.  After supper, we went to a new spot I’ve been wanting to check out for photo shoots.  I didn’t expect much cooperation, I was really just going to see what the lighting situation was.  After that, we stopped at the park to do aView full post »

4th of July

We've had a pretty low-key holiday weekend.  Josey had to work on Saturday, so we stuck close to home for the 4th.  I had been telling Rory about the parade for three days prior, so even though when the day came, Josey and I didn't really want to go, we took her anyway.  It was worth while. This is the reason we only stayed for about half an hour.  Everytime she picked up a piece of candy, she wanted to eat it immediately.  She even wanted to eatView full post »

Two year olds

are frustrating.  Rory has been a challenge this weekend.  I think she’s been bored, but still.  Mommy was about to go crazy tonight.  After what seemed like the eighth major tantrum just this evening, we sat down to read books.  When we got to this one (which is super cute, by the way), it seemed these words were so fitting… I love you being nice, and when you’re cranky, too.  I love you without liking the naughty things you do. I hardly gotView full post »

Quote for the day

Last night, we were up to our usual sit around and play before bedtime routine, when Rory put her hands on her hips, started wiggling and dancing around, singing at the top of her lungs…"SHAKE YOUR BODIES!  OH BABY!"  Over and over again.  Seriously, I've never laughed so hard.  Where did she learn that?View full post »

Zoo day

Yesterday Rory and I spent the morning at the zoo with all of her friends from daycare.  After walking around the zoo for a bit, we had a picnic lunch in the park.  Rory loved playing on the playground equipment, especially the swings.  I didn't get many good photos while we were there.  Josey didn't come with, and she was crawling on everything, so I was more worried about keeping my eye on her than anything else.  That and the lighting was all over theView full post »


We spent yesterday afternoon on the boat.  Rory wasn't quite sure what to think of it at first, mostly because I don't think she liked the life jacket.  As soon as we stopped, and let her get in the water she was fine, though. Driving the boat is serious business. She hopped right in this crab floaty thing (nice technical term there), and didn't want us helping her, touching her…she would have floated to the other side of the river if we'd let her.  SheView full post »