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There is nothing better than a newborn baby. There really isn’t! This sweet girl surprised her parents by coming a little earlier than expected, but what a joy it was, I’m sure, to have a new baby in the family in time for the holidays. She was a perfect angel during our session and I just loved watching her parents interact with her. They were so relaxed and at ease; there is no doubt this is one blessed little girl! I am so looking forward to watching her grow throughout her first year!

I am currently booking newborn sessions for 2015, so if you are expecting, I encourage you to read through the session info in the DETAILS tab above to learn about my newborn sessions and the first year plan.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you have!  I would love to capture the memories of your child’s first days of life!

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moms of bismarck|mandan

To find the monthly features, follow the links below:

January 2015 | Angela Ness

February 2015 | Tammy Czapiewski

The following is the background behind the Moms of Bismarck|Mandan project, started by Megan Milbradt of Everyday Art Photography in 2015.

“I don’t know how you do it all.”  “How do you find the time?”  “If only there were more hours in the day.”

Do any of these phrases sound familiar to you?  Maybe you’ve heard them from a fellow mom or maybe you’ve said them a time or two.  I hear a version of these quite often, and the truth is, any time someone says something like that to me, I do my best to smile and come up with some way to change the subject because deep down inside, a lot of the time I feel like a total mess.  Yeah, you may have seen me succeed or make progress on one thing, but there is always one hundred other things that I feel like I am failing on.  Feeling like I am never giving 100% to everyone and everything that is a priority to me is an everyday struggle.  And forget ever accomplishing the things that I really dream of doing.  Keeping my family and household taken care of and doing my job is more than I can handle most days.

My kids had a full two weeks off for Christmas vacation and both my husband and I had a lot of time off work during those two weeks, as well.  It is amazing how refreshed you can feel with two weeks of few schedules and commitments.  No alarm clocks, no lunch packing, no rushing, no meetings, no homework…just time together.  A couple of nights before the new year, I was up late after everyone else had gone to bed and I started to reflect on our time off and I thought to myself, “If this is how life was year round, I would have it all together.”  Right?!

The truth is, even if there actually were more hours in the day, I will never have it all together.  Well, at least not in my mind.  I will never accomplish everything I could possibly dream up for me to accomplish.  And that has got to be okay with me.  But I also want to remember that every day of my life, I accomplish a lot.  And just because I have not done it all at the old age of 33, that doesn’t mean I never will!  Even more so, I need to remember that there are so many moms around me who share these feelings, too.  And with that thought, came my light bulb moment.

As moms, we are so quick to compare ourselves to one another in a negative way.  “How is she better than me?”  “How am I better than her?”  What if we all started comparing ourselves to one another in a different way; a POSITIVE way?  What if we all realized that there are so many moms surrounding us who have been through the same things we have; who have the same hopes and dreams that we do.  And what if, instead of putting ourselves down for not accomplishing all that another mom seems to have accomplished, we start looking to them as inspiration for achieving our own goals?

The year 2015 will mark my tenth year of calling Bismarck my home, and in those nearly ten years I have met some amazing mothers.  I know that there is something to be learned from each and every one of them, the most important being that, while we are all unique, we are also so much the same.  That is why I have started the Moms of Bismarck | Mandan project.  Each month, I want to feature a mother in our community who can be an inspiration to us all.  Truthfully, I think everyone would qualify!  Every one of us is amazing, and while I know so many feel that they are nothing but ordinary, surely they have inspired someone in an extraordinary way, maybe without even knowing it!  My wish for us all is that we can come together to support and learn from one another and be inspired to stop feeling like we are not enough and start understanding that we are!  And I think one great way to start doing that is by getting to know and understand what is on the heart and in the minds of the moms who surround us.

Keep your eyes open for the first featured Mom of Bismarck | Mandan very soon.  In the mean time…do you know a Bismarck | Mandan mom who you feel is incredibly inspiring? It can be anyone who inspires you in any extraordinary way, the only criteria is that they must be a mother and live in the Bismarck | Mandan area. Please send me a note telling me a bit about this mom and how they inspire you!  Email to: After a quick post to Facebook, I’ve already received a handful of emails which have both brought me to tears and made me smile.  I can’t wait for you to “meet” these moms!

And if this project is going to be a success, it will only be because all of the Bismarck | Mandan moms encourage and support it, and that starts with you!  So PLEASE share this post on your Facebook timeline, email it to a friend, whatever you need to do to spread the word!

To help keep you updated on each amazing mom featured, be sure to the follow the Everyday Art Photography Facebook page and also subscribe to updates via email by clicking the green SUBSCRIBE button on the top left of this page.

I saw this quote awhile back, and as I was writing this post, it was constantly in the back of my mind.  No statement could be more true, and I think it applies perfectly to the context of what I hope Moms of Bismarck | Mandan will be.  As a thank you for your support of this project, I want to give you a free download of this print so that you can be reminded of these words every day.  Print it out, set it as your desktop background, do as you wish, and enjoy!  (click the image to download)

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This workshop is for you if:

  • You have invested a lot of money in a DSLR camera and still don’t feel like you are getting great photos of your kids.
  • You have looked at all the buttons on your camera and decided it would just be easier to stick to Auto mode.
  • You feel like you sometimes get a “lucky shot” and would like to make that happen more often.
  • You need a day just for YOU to learn and be inspired for the new year!

Here is what a past participant had to say about the Everyday Life Workshop:

“I highly recommend the Everyday Life Workshop! Megan is so knowledgeable & patient that she made it a breeze to not be afraid of my DSLR camera. I had my Canon for several years and never once changed the setting off “auto”. This awesome 1-day course allowed me to now take dramatically better photos by learning the basic principles of my DSLR camera. It was a great atmosphere with nice reference material, fun photo subjects, awesome food – just wonderful! I am now enjoying my kids activities and love of photography on the “manual” setting!”


workshop description

Since the day I became a mom, always having a camera by my side has been important to me. I’ve tried to capture not just the big events, but the small moments, too. By capturing those small moments with my camera, I look back and I see the beauty that our everyday life holds. The photographs of moments that seemed mundane and simple at the time are the ones I treasure the most.

This workshop is for beginner DSLR users who do not yet have a good understanding of how to use their camera in the manual setting, and it is for those who want to learn how to tell a story of their child’s everyday life through their photographs.

workshop date & time

Saturday, January 31, 2015 | 9:00 am – 3:30 pm

workshop location

This workshop will be held at my home in northeast Bismarck, and is open to all. I love this idea of holding the Everyday Life Workshop in a home because what better place to learn how to capture the everyday moments of your child’s life than the place where those moments are most often created?!

what we will learn

General rules for composistion and how it can improve your photo

How to tell a story with your photographs

Tips for getting more natural and candid shots of your children

How to work with the natural light you have available

Identifiying what is correct exposure

The basics of shooting in manual mode: ISO, shutter speed, and aperture

what’s included

50+ page workbook that details the lessons learned at the workshop for you to keep and refer to afterward

Shooting time with children for hands-on learning and Q&A with Megan

Lunch and snacks

A goodie bag and drawings for some fun photography related items

what you need

A DSLR camera

Your camera’s user manual

Any lens. You can bring the kit lens that came with your camera, or I highly encourage you to invest in a 50mm lens PRIOR to attending the workshop. The 50mm f/1.8 lens is very affordable (just over $100) and it will allow you to do so much more with it’s lower aperture capabilities. (And you’ll find out what aperture means at the workshop!!!) You can find them here: CANON | NIKON

workshop cost

$225 (plus ND sales tax), due in-full at the time of registration. The workshop will be limited to eight participants. Your registration fee is not refundable, but if you are unable to attend, your seat may be sold to someone else.

what this workshop is not

This workshop is not for professional photographers or those with to the desire to have a photography business in the future. Photoshop and editing will not be covered in this class, and there will be no business discussions.

how to sign up

Email Megan at and I will send you the information to pay for your registration. Your seat will be reserved only after payment is made and will be filled on a first come, first served basis.


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  • katilla louser - Do you have a spot open for your soonest class? If so I am interested in attending!

  • Jada Begger - Hi, I would be very interested in attending a workshop. Do you have a schedule for future classes? If the January 31st is not full yet, I may look into that one as well. Thank you, Jada

This family is so awesome!  I first met them when their youngest little guy was a newborn and I believe he just celebrated his second birthday last week! When they asked me to photograph their family, I was so honored and thrilled because they are so outgoing, fun to talk to, and LOOK AT THOSE CUTE BOYS!  Oh my gosh, I found myself saying over and over how adorable they were through the whole session.  They were all such troopers because I made them get up at the crack of dawn so that we could take advantage of the gorgeous morning light at this location.  I’d say it was worth it!

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