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Does this story sound familiar to  you?

You became a new mother and your baby was SO adorable that you just knew you needed a great camera to be able to capture every ounce of cuteness and all the milestones to come.  So you invested in a DSLR camera and soon realized that getting the shots you’d planned on wasn’t as easy as you’d hoped it would be.  Soon, your baby was growing up and actually moving and getting those beautiful photos you’d thought you would became even harder.  As a mom of a toddler, you did not have hours to spend learning how to actually use the fancy camera you’d invested in.  So you put it aside and told yourself that just using your phone camera was good enough, not to mention much easier and more convenient.  Soon, the fancy camera only comes out a couple times a year during birthdays and holidays and you hope for the best at getting at least a couple of great shots.

I can bet that the majority of parents reading this will likely be able to relate.  How do I know?  I’ve been teaching the Everyday Life Workshop for 5 years now and have met so many parents with the same story!  But how is this story going to end?

The Everyday Life Workshop is a one day course that is designed specifically for parents who want to learn how to use their DSLR cameras to capture the lives of their children.  In one day, you’ll learn about using light and walk away knowing how to shoot in manual mode.  With your newfound knowledge, you’ll have the ability to make the most of the investment you’ve made in your camera.  Better yet, you’ll be motivated and inspired to not continue to let the milestones and beautiful everyday moments of your children go by undocumented when you already have this amazing (and expensive!) tool you can use to do just that.

The next Everyday Life Workshop will take place on Saturday, April 28, 2018.  To read the full details and learn how to register, visit the workshop page here.

everyday life workshop

The Everyday Life Workshop is for you if:

  • You have invested a lot of money in a DSLR camera and still don’t feel like you are getting great photos of your children.
  • You have looked at all the buttons on your camera and decided it would just be easier to stick to Auto mode (or use your iPhone camera).
  • You feel like you sometimes get a “lucky shot” and would like to make that happen more often.
  • It is important to you to document the lives of your children, especially while they are young.
  • You need a day just for YOU to learn and be inspired!
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I want to share this personal project I did in 2017. I talk a lot in my Everyday Life Workshop about the importance of capturing your children in their everyday lives (hence, the name of my class). I teach parents how to do just that, and do it well, using their DSLR cameras. But I also talk about embracing imperfection. Often times, just capturing the moment is more important than creating a technically perfect image.

At last year’s workshop, I was only a few weeks into this project and starting something in the dark and seemingly uneventful days in the middle of a North Dakota winter just wasn’t all that fun at first. It was at that workshop where I found myself eating my own words! I realized that the things I was worried about most in starting it, like awful lighting and poor iPhone video quality didn’t mean a thing to me in the end. Those imperfect, uneventful days are the beauty of our life. The things we do day in and day out that seem ordinary now are the things we’ll never want to forget.

This notion is exactly why I started the Everyday Life Workshop five years ago. Tomorrow, I will be opening up registration for the next workshop which will be held Saturday, February 10 in downtown Bismarck. (Details can be found here.) Whether you attend or not, I hope this inspires you to challenge yourself to capture more of your family’s everyday moments in 2018.

1 second every day | the milbradt family | 2017 from Everyday Art Photography on Vimeo.

I created this video by using an app called 1 second everyday.  We all have our phones within reach nearly 24/7, so taking a video clip of your life each day is a very achievable task.  Set yourself a reminder on your phone if you need to so you don’t forget, especially when you first start.  There were plenty of days when I didn’t remember to capture it until my children’s bedtime or even after, but I was still able to capture something for that day.  To be fair, I did totally miss 4 days, too!

This genius app allows you to easily import your videos from each day and trim them down to exactly one second.  It stores each clip for you and puts the date stamp on it. (Often times, once I have my videos uploaded to the app, I just delete them from my phone, but the app only keeps the 1 second clip, not your entire video.) When you’re ready to view the full video, it mashes them all together and the outcome is magical, especially 365 days later! I exported my 2017 video and used some video editing software to add in some title frames as well as the music.  If I can give you one tip from the start it is to remember to always only HORIZONTAL videos!  In the beginning, I had to scrap a couple of great clips because I took them vertically with my phone.


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With each passing year, I’m continually reminded of the blessing it is to photograph so many incredible families.  Your continued support of my business allows me to do what I love!  I can’t thank you each of my clients and those who follow my work enough for allowing me to be a part of your life in this way; past, present and future!

Many thanks and best wishes for 2018!


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For Thanksgiving this year our family had the opportunity to travel to Big Sky, Montana and spend several days with my family.  What a wonderful time we had!  It’s amazing how a few days with those you love in a beautiful place will refresh your mind and restore your spirit.  There were so many great memories made, and I’m especially thankful that we were able to capture some photos of our family to remember our time there.

From my family to yours, I wish you the merriest Christmas filled with love and blessings!

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