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Today was a big day for my girl.  Not only did she have her first day of first grade, but later tonight she also lost her first tooth!

The lighting in these photos is not the best.  Sometimes you just have to be a mom and not a photographer.  Especially when that quick photo before you leave for school turns into 10 minutes of the little brother taking pictures with his Fisher Price camera.  He knew it was a big day, and he also knows that losing a tooth is a big deal because he insisted on capturing “Rory’s tooth coming out” with his camera, too.  From about 2 inches away.  I’m not sure how that picture turned out!

After spending the whole summer with Rory at daycare, Cohen was not excited for her to go back to school.  Rory was ready, though.  This year was so different than last.  Last year, there was so much talk and anticipation leading up to the first day of school, and there were lots of nervous feelings as she walked in there for the first time.  This year, we barely finished school shopping, and this morning she marched down that hallway, straight to her classroom, excited to see all of her friends from last year, and didn’t hardly look back to see if I was close behind.  I’m proud of her.  And look how much she’s grown since last year.

She’s had her first loose tooth since school ended in May.  I couldn’t believe it hung on the entire summer.  I had told her a couple of days ago, that it would be perfect if it fell out just in time for that first day of school photo.  It didn’t, but guess what…it fell out later tonight!  So exciting!  Tooth #2 is loose, too, but at this rate, it will probably be three more months before it comes out.

We got this cute tooth fairy pillow from this etsy seller.  It has a little pocket on the back to put the tooth in so that it’s easy for the tooth fairy to find.

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  • Tessa - Love it! She is so grown up. That tooth fairy pillow is great!

  • Jessica W - Oh I love that girl! I see the ponytail headband combo is the hot ‘do in ND as well!

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