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At least I have a GREAT excuse

So, obviously I've been slacking on the blog in the last two months.  I had high hopes for the entire month of December.  I was going to do all this fun Christmas stuff, update my pricing and policies for everyday art, debut a fancy website, take lots of photos of Rory…big plans.  Well, none of that happened.  But this time, I really do have a great excuse.  The greatest excuse ever.

An excuse that has our entire family very excited.  Especially this girl.


And she's a lot better at keeping secrets than I thought she would be.  Until now, that is!




Yep, this world will be blessed with another one of these characters, July 2009!  It cannot come soon enough.

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  • Carole - Yes, Rory is very excited. I love how she ran in the door and yelled out to me that she was going to be a big sister all proud!! CONGRATS once again. I have been waiting for you to put this up for the last few days, I love it!! Rory will be a great big sister and I can’t wait for another goofy Milbradt to come join us. Now, take care of yourself and hope you feel better!!!

  • katie - CONGRATS!!! I **LOVE** Rory’s shirt . . . too cute!

  • rachelle - Hey congrats again! I’ve been waiting for this to post. Now I
    Can show mom.

  • jeannette - YAAAAY! Congratulations to you and the family. I can’t wait to see the baby in July!

  • Kayla - Congrats again! The t-shirt is super cute. And I of course too am glad that you posted this exciting news. Talk to you soon and thanks again for inviting us out Friday night, a good time had by all. Next time – our house.

  • sarah - SO excited for you!

  • Jessica - Congratulations! Love the photos!

  • Heather - Congratulations!!!! Rory is sooo cute!!!! Hope you’re feeling good:)

  • Angie - Oh Megan! I’m so excited for you. Keep me posted and I’m thinking pink! Everyone else I know that is having a baby this year is having a boy. Congrats!

  • Paula - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
    That is wonderful news! Best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy and all. Oh, and as always, I love the pictures.

  • Joelle - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I love the pictures

  • Amy M - I was wondering when you were going to make the announcement! yay! Rory’s shirt is just too cute!

  • Amanda - Congrats! I am so happy for you. I hope you are doing well. Cute shirt Rory!

  • Tracy - Beautiful shots. What amazing memories these will be.

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