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I've seen this video on a few blogs now, but I wanted to share.  Because I am constantly asking myself these questions.

Art, art I want you.  Art you make it pretty hard not to.  And my heart is trying hard here to follow you, but I can't always tell if I ought to.

How could I spend so much time in my life trying to perfect a technical, mathematical, scientific way of thinking, but still want to express a completely different creative, artistic side?  Can I?  Do I even have that in me?  If I do, would anyone even like it or care?

But the truth is, my art, my photography, is for me.  I do it because it makes me happy.  It makes me feel satisfied.  Who cares if anyone else likes it?

But I do care…it's complicated, I guess.

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  • Paula - I get it. I LOVE to sing. Most of the time if I am the only one that hears me it is okay. I enjoy hearing my voice/soul sing. I enjoy the release, the expression. But then other times part of me craves being back infront of a mic in front of people and getting their adoration. I miss being able to touch them in that way.
    Photography is new to me. Around this time last year is when I first got seriously interested in it. My husband surprised me by bringing home a Canon EOS Rebel XTI for his business. Ever since then I can not spend enough time learning about it, taking pictures, editing pictures, sharing pictures, making photobooks. I heart pictures. Once again, that is enough for me most of the time. And then…sometimes I crave others to be touched by what I do. I want them to see the beauty in things the way I do. I want to be affirmed.
    Megan – I can’t say it enough – I LOVE what you do with pictures! You rock!
    Have a great day and thanks for sharing the video and your thoughts.

  • Jessica W - You inspire me!

  • Mom - To be a true artist, you have to do it for yourself first and foremost. After that…. anything goes.
    love you hon,
    Mom xoxoxo

  • Cama Cathrae - OH Megan, I loved loved loved this!!!
    And, I feel the exact same way! I can’t wait to see your new blog! Big Hug Girl!

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