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All’s well on the home front

It seems that since this little one took over my body, I have been horrible about updating this blog.  That kind of makes me sad, and I miss it.  I really need to get back because this winter weather has me in a funk.  I do have a camera full of photos {snapshots, really} that I just haven't had a chance to even download, and it is just no fun blogging without photos to post.  My photo editing and blogging time is usually during nap time on the weekends, but lately I have been choosing to take a nap myself during that time.  And during the weekdays, by the time Rory goes to bed, there is usually a couch and a dvr calling my name. 

Aside from being just worn out, which I think is more the effect of this long winter and the yucky cold I've had, rather than being pregnant, I am feeling great.  The pregnancy sickness has subsided, hallelujah!  I really wasn't hopeful that it would go away because it never did with Rory, so it is a nice surprise.  I am feeling lots of kicks from this little one, which is really the best feeling in the world.  I cannot wait until it is strong enough that Josey, and especially Rory, can feel it.

We have been talking with Rory more and more about the baby and what it will be like to be a big sister.  She likes to give the baby kisses, and often insists that I give her baby a kiss, too, pulling up her shirt and sticking out her belly!  When asked if she thinks the baby is a boy or girl, she usually has mixed opinions.  Sometimes it's a boy, sometimes a girl, and other times BOTH.  {I don't think so, darling!}

Baby names have been a common evening discussion topic.  We dug out the baby name book that we used with Rory, and Josey sits on the couch reading off names to me.  The perfect names in Rory's opinion:  Lucy for a girl, and Skeeter for a boy.  LOL! 

It's hard to believe that it is almost half over already.  This first half has been long and tiring, but I think the second half is going to fly by!  I always hate to wish away time, but I really cannot wait to meet our fourth family member.

And a couple snapshots that I actually had downloaded.  All three of us have been sick with awful colds, so we've spent a lot of time doing this; sitting on the couch, twirling our hair, and watching princess movies.


And this was one morning before church.  She was jumping on our bed.  We are going to have to do this again some day when the lighting is better in there.  I got some fun, but technically terrible shots!  This was cute, though.


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  • Rachelle - yeah! finally i can see little rory again! lol! i can’t say much about the lack of updates cuz looking at mine i haven’t done an actual one in month! this preancy is kicking my butt big time, glad yours is getting better though!

  • sarah - Your “technically terrible” shots are still a thousand times better than my best shots!

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