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11 months old {better late than never!}

Oh boy.  I am so behind on my blogging.  These photos were actually taken on Father’s Day, so right around the time Cohen turned 11 months.  In the last month he has reached two huge milestone.  Four teeth have FINALLY made their way through.  I never thought this would happen, I really didn’t.  The poor guy has been struggling with those teeth for so long.  For over three months, his gums have been white, puffy, and swollen.  Practically every day, one of us has said, “Any day now!” and that day never seemed to come.  Just this past Sunday night, before I put him to bed, that forth tooth was not yet through.  That night, he was up at 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00 when he finally was able to sleep until 7:00 when I had to wake the poor kid up, but the next morning…the tooth was there!

The next big piece of news is that he is walking!  The kid was holding out on us for this one, too.  For several weeks, he could stand in the middle of the room.  Play around, almost fall, catch his balance, squat down, stand back up.  He could do it all, but he would not take a step.  Finally, one night I bribed him with the suncreen bottle that he is so attached to, and he did it.  Rory and I both let out a simultaneous “YAY COHEN!”  We were both so excited, and I was so happy that I was home this time around.  When Rory took her first steps, of course, I was gone.

So, here we are in the eleventh month, gearing up for a big first birthday party, and wondering where in the world the time has gone.  I love rocking him to sleep and looking at his little profile.  He still looks exactly the same as the day he was born.  And looking back on photos and videos of Rory at this age, I see a ton of similarities that I don’t see every day. Mostly in their expressions.

He’s much too busy to pay much attention to me these days.  But I love those sweet little lips.  The purple eye lids that are a sure sign that he’s tired.  The slightest red tint to his hair that only shows up in certain light.  And that middle finger. 

This girl loves playing outside and loves the water.  No doubt about that.

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  • jennifer - WHEN did they get so big?!?! Beautiful as always!

  • Erin - Beautiful Kiddos Megan! I LOVE Rory’s sunglasses-so sweet! Her hair is getting so long!

  • Katie Dobraska - Oh my goodness!!! They are so big!! He is too cute and those sunglasses are so her! haha! Love them!! =]

  • Jessica W - Aw, look at how cute they are! So glad that those crazy teeth finally came through! And I had to laugh out loud at the middle finger!

  • Jules - so much fun in the sun! sweet set!

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