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10 on tuesday {snapshot edition}

It’s been a long while since I’ve done this.  I have so many snapshots of the kids and little things to jot down, so I’m going to try to remember some of it.

1.  First up…the Monster is already 6 months old.  Unbelievable.  Actually, more than 6 months now, but this was taken around the 6 month mark.


2.  At his 6 month checkup, he weighed in at 16 pounds, 9 ounces and 27 3/4 inches.  Such a tall and skinny guy!  And tell me how this works…at both his 4 and 6month appointments, the kid did not cry when he got his shots.  What?!  That cannot be normal. 

3.  Just another display of how Cohen and Emma have yet to learn about personal space.  LOL!  I separate them, and two seconds later they are right on top of each other again.  For two immobile babies, they sure get around quite well.  Oh gosh…I just thought about what it’s going to be like when they ARE mobile!


4.  Miss Jeans and the fancy outfit she picked out for herself.  She’d wear these leggings and that skirt every day if you let her.  That or the darn Christmas pajamas she got this year.  I’ve lost count how many fights we’ve had over when the appropriate time is to wear certain articles of clothing.  I won’t be sad when that phase is over.  If it ever is!


I don’t think I’ve shared before that she got this kitchen from Santa this past Christmas.  It was the one thing she had been asking for, and he pulled through for her.  On Christmas Eve, I was giving her the whole story about how she has to go to bed so that Santa can come.  She looked at me so seriously and said, “Mom.  Just tell Santa to put my kitchen downstairs.”  haha!  I guess she figured since she asked him for it, she’d get it.


5.  One morning last week, we were watching tv before we had to leave, and one of those “adopt a child in Africa” commercials came on.  The music and the photographs caught Rory’s attention right away, and she watched carefully .  Afterward she looked at me and said, “That was sad.”  I told her how there are a lot of kids in the world who don’t have food, or nice clothes, or houses, and some don’t even have a mommy or a daddy.  She started to get tears in her eyes, and she told me, “That girl can have my pretty dresses.”

She can be a stinker, but she sure is sweet sometimes.

6.  We have tried a couple times now to get Cohen to eat a little baby food.  Huge fail on his part, but it was great entertainment for the rest of us!

Really?  You people think this is funny?


This sort of reminds me of another little girl who hated baby food…


Oh, why does that make me laugh so much?

7.  One morning as I was trying to get Rory dressed to head to preschool, she got upset stating that she didn’t want me to go to work, and she just wanted to stay home that day.  As she stood in the middle of her room in nothing but her “Friday” days of the week underwear, she crossed her arms and stomped her foot insisting that she change her undies.  I was getting impatient with her at that point, and I told her I didn’t see anything wrong with the underwear she had on, so get over here and get dressed.  Her reply, “NO!  I want to change to “no work day” undies!”

If only it were that easy…

8.  Of course, there isn’t a shortage of snow around here.  This past weekend we were lucky enough, though, that it warmed up just enough so that Rory could go out and enjoy some of it.



9.  Cohen can now roll over faster than I can blink, so trying to change diapers and get him dressed is a workout.  No more leaving him unattended for long either!  He can sit up on his own for a short period of time now, too.  I didn’t think this would happen so soon!  I’d better get all the pictures of him I can while it lasts because before I know it, he will be running all over our house.

10.  I have been spending every spare moment trying to get some new stuff done for my business.  I have so many ideas and things I want to do.  If only there were more hours in a day.  Be on the look out, though, in the next week for my new website and facebook fan page!

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  • Erin - L.O.V.E. both of your new posts! I can hardly stand all the cuteness! Can’t wait to see the new website either!

  • Jules - this was so fun! love the pp on your images… beautiful!

  • Katie D. - Oh Megan..these pictures are so adorable! You do amazing work!! I love all of them!!! Tell Rory I say hi and I miss her!!! =)

  • Jessica W - Thanks for the update, the photos are great!

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