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10 on Tuesday

I haven't blogged forever, mostly because of lack of photos,  so I figured 10 on Tuesday was in order.  Rory has been sick for what seems like the entire last month, and I have been dealing with the pregnancy yuckies, so photo taking has been the last thing on my mind.

1.  This weekend, Rory and I were headed to the mall.  As we were driving down the street, she spotted a guy jogging on the sidewalk.  He eventually stopped to cross the street, and as we drove by I told her to wave at him.  She did, and the guy gave her a big smile and waved back.  She was so excited that he waved to her, and that's all she could talk about!  As we got closer to the mall, I went to make a left turn, and apparently the girl sitting at the stop sign on the street I was turning onto was getting impatient and got mad that I didn't let her turn first.  She obviously isn't aware of how stop signs work.  Anyway, she honked her horn, and flipped me off!  Rory's response:  "MOM!  THAT GIRL WAVE AT ME, TOO!"  She just couldn't believe two people waved at her in one day.  I didn't burst her bubble, but that girl was definitely not waving.

2.  Really?  Does he ever not see that freaking shadow?

3.  I have been finding myself getting really impatient for spring.  I'm just so sick of winter, and as I started thinking about it the other day, I always feel this way come February.  But the one thing I always look forward to at this time of the year…clementines.  I buy a box every year at this time, and they seem a million times better this year thanks to Number 2.  And they are just so pretty.

4.  Rory has been using the "telescope" from her doctor kit to listen to the baby's heartbeat.  Cutest thing ever!

5.  I hesitate to even admit this, for fear of jinxing myself, but I think…I HOPE…that I am getting over the morning/evening/whateveryouwanttocallit sickness.  In the last week, I really haven't been sick once, and I have actually been eating past 4:00.  Let's hope it lasts!  The tiredness on the other hand is here to stay.

6.  I never did mention that we went to Playhouse Disney Live last weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  I didn't think it was as good as Seasame Street, but Rory definitely enjoyed it, and she is still talking about it.

7.  For about the last week, Rory has been wanting to cuddle before bedtime.  Oh my gosh, I could just melt.  It's like she's my little baby again, and I am loving it.

8.  My husband likes to make fun of me.  To those who know him/us, that is no surprise.  Thanks to the fact that IHOP is the official sponsor of Wheel of Fortune, I have been majorly craving pancakes.  I finally got around to making some the other weekend, and was just so excited about it.  Since then, we have had them for all meals of the day more than once.  They are just SO GOOD!  Rather than just compliment me on how good the pancakes I made are, he has decided to pick on me for the fact that a) they are never round, and b) I just made them out of a bag of powder.  Thanks for busting my bubble, babe. :o)  I guess I will forgive him since he has been eating said pancakes and that's about the only thing I've cooked in…a long time.

9.  Did I mention I'm sick of winter?

10.  I guess I really didn't have as much to talk about as I thought I did.  Or maybe I'm just drawing a blank.

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  • Paula - I am sad there aren’t new pictures, but you obviously have good reasons.
    I hope you and Rory feel better real soon! Take care.

  • Tatum - I just love #1 – Rory is too cute! I can just picture her saying that! Funny you should mention pankcakes. When I was pregnant with the twins I craved Schwans pancakes and ate them at least once, if not twice, a day. You really need to try them when you’re in a bind and don’t have time to make them! 🙂 Hope everything is going well.

  • Kelli - hmmm…just seeing if I can comment now. Pancakes are yummy and I too am OVER winter!

  • Mom - Lovely girl of mine,
    Gracie and I have a bottle of pancakes from powder mixed and stored in the fridge for pancakes whenever we WANT to eat pancakes.
    A thought as I look at this blog again for the thousandth time.. You’re little girl is so stunning and I remember YOU like that and I wonder as I look…What is your most precious memory from when you were a little girl, the wonder that you were? I know you look at your daughter the way I did you and do even more today. So I was just wondering. I love you, my precious gem.

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